Interview with Dracula.

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How is it that you started playing music? In the 80s, when I was singing in a school choir, my friend gave to listen to anvband record AC / DC 1975 Afterwards I became an ordinary fan of heavy music. And the impetus for the creation of the group is that in our country there were very few groups.    There was a desire to declare myself 
Have you had other previous members? My name is Vladimir.I'm 44 years old.We play within the thrash metal styles and death metal.
Did you make music even when you were young? The creation of music began in 17 years
Where are you from? I am from Belarus . I live in the town of Smorgon
What year did the band form? initially, the group was formed in 1990. And in 1994 the group ceased its activities. For 18 years. In 2012 the group again came on the scene.
Whats your style of genre?_Thrash metal style.
How can people reach you?
What are your plans for the future? Our plans are concerts in Europe
Do you have something to add? Thank you for noticing the Dracula group
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