interview med Mycelia

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What is the name of your band? Mycelia
Name of the band-members? Marc Trummer, Michael Schmid, Roy Sonderegger, Marc Fürer
Where did you grow up? We all grew up in central Switzerland.
How old are you? we're all 24, execept for Marc F. who's 29.
When did you start your band? Michael and Marc T. started writing together in late 2009. The after several tracks they've written and recorded together, they started looking for other musicians to complete the band. In early 2010 Roy and Marc F were found with whom they played their first gigs.
Who started the band? Michael and Marc Trummer who were already playing in a band before. Seeking the musical challenge they wrote song for a new project and set the beginning of Mycelia.
Where have you played 2012/2013? Mostly our concerts are located in Switzerland as it is hard to get the necessary fundings to play abroad. Also, as we're all bound to our jobs it is currently almost impossible to plan any bigger tours. However this is soon gonna change
Where can people se you? People can see us wherever they manage to invite us to. We love to go around and play concerts, and have been in a lot of different clubs all over Switzerland. However, as mentioned before it's pretty hard to go much further, but if anyhow possible, we'll go wherever it takes us!
Do you have a web-site? yup: / /
What is the name of your best song? It's hard to say what the "best" song is in our opinion. However, considering, the number of different elements in the song "The Golden Ratio" we would have to say, that this is the song we're most proud of.
Who plays what? Marc t: Drums Michael: Guitar Roy: Bass Marc F: Vocals
What kind of music are you into? Pretty much everything. We listen to Metal, Hardcore, Technical/Progressive stuff, also Classical music, Jazz, Rock, Electro, DrumnBass, Dubstep and so on... You'll find good music in every single genre, as long as you're open minded and just listen to what artists have to offer to you..
Have you been on tour this summer? unfortunately not...
Do you have a planed tour anytime soon? We're working on it ;)
Who came up with the band name? Marc F did. He used to work as a gardener and was fascinated about the systems of Mycelia. As brought up the idea everybody else was okay with it...
Who writes the songs? Marc Trummer and Michael Schmid
What song do you play the most? Shmashmortion
Do you play the same songs each performance? We try to vary our setlist as much as possible. However, in case there's several concerts in a row, it's hard to keep up the diversity.
Have you realesed a album or single? Yep he have: Isolator [2012] NOVA [2013] Mycelia Summer Mix [2013] (currently in production)
Are you working on any new songs? We're working on our Mycelia Summer Mix album, which we're gonna use to collect money to soon be able to hit the studio again.
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