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Have you played in any band before? Yes, all five members are or have been in many other bands. Current bands include Party Bois, Red Right Hand and Wreckler. Past bands include The Campaign For Real-Time, Cracktorch, Stu Walker and Taiwan Typhoon.
How will they do that you began to enter the field of music? We all really love music and most of the band members studied music in college. We want to make art.
What's your name? / Who plays what? / How old are you? This Bliss is Nick Zampiello (beats, drums), Jess Baggia (vocals), Glenn Smith (guitar), Jonathan Taft (bass) and Tom Maroon (keys).
Have you had previous members? We've played with some great musicians over the past year when we first came up with the idea for the band, but this lineup is the original.
Did you do music already when you were small? Yes we did.
Where are you from? We're all mostly from New England (U.S.) - Tom is from Pittsburgh, PA.
What year was started the band? We debuted this year on September 17 (2016).
What do you play music style? We created our own genre: true grime. It's an electronic music style with some trip-hop and synth pop elements, but we like to think it's a unique sound.
What inspires you? Art and hard world.
How have you evolved since you started with music? We hope we keep evolving all the time. This band is special because it's a different sound and style from each member's previous bands.
Do you have any other interests or jobs outside of the band and the music? Sure! We like beer and cats. Are you looking for the booking company, what are your thoughts and requirements around it then? We do all our own booking, so yes, it would be very cool if we could have help with that. The only real requirement would be someone who really cares about the band and is willing to put in the effort to get us great shows!
Are you looking for record labels, what are your thoughts and requirements around it then? That would be great! Just like the previous question, we would want a label that really cared about the art we're trying to make and was willing to help us realize our vision.
Questions about your music and lyrics:
How will that you do music? Nick writes the initial instrumental track. Jess writes the melody and creates the overall song structure. Then we get together as a band to determine the individual layers, but each person writes their own parts.
What are your songs about the whole? They are character-driven but the specific subject matter varies from narrative, to mystery, to love songs.
Who writes the lyrics? Jess
Who does the music? The whole band
When you do a song, you start with the music or the lyrics? Typically we start with the music but sometimes we have a specific story we want to tell and work on the music based on that idea.
In which environment do you usually do your songs? We write together in our practice space.
Do you play only original songs live and also covers? Currently our set is only original songs, but we're always up to try some covers.
What language are you singing about? English
Questions regarding your gigs and performances like:
How many have come at least to your concerts? We've only had our debut show thus far, but the turnout was really great!
How have you done or intend to do it to get more audience at your gigs? We promote via social media, radio, blog posts, email lists and word of mouth.
Which age group drawn mostly to your concerts? Typically we'd say the age range is probably 21-45 ish
Do you play always the same songs live or vary it? We have a defined set list right now, but we will modify it as we play more shows.
Do you have any ordinary place where you usually play? We just started gigging, so we play local venues.
Each was led first gig? Our first gig was in Somerville, MA at a venue called Sally O'Brien's.
Each was led last gig? Our next gig is on December 10th and will also be at Sally O'Brien's (we like it there!).
Where do you have plans to play the rest of the year? We're up for playing anywhere cool!
Which countries have you played in? U.S.
Questions regarding your merchandise:
Where can I buy your Merchanndise? Currently we only sell singles, which you can buy on our bandcamp page:
Questions about your views:
What do you think about downloading more music than buying CDs nowadays? It seems to be the way people prefer to consume music these days. As such, we are releasing our music via singles. Roughly a single per show. Eventually we'll combine them into a full length CD but we haven't decided if we'll do physical CDs or just keep everything digital.
How to think and do you think the music industry has changed since they started downloading music?Absolutely it's changed. People rarely listen to a full album from start to finish, if at all. Plus, digital tracks are extremely compressed and just don't sound as good as they should.
If you prefer downloaded music, cassette, CD or Vinyl? Vinyl
Do you mean, what would we do if people didn't like our music? That would be a bummer, but I think we'd still make music because we love doing it!
Those attending light and sound how much they have helped you really if you think about? Visual art is just as important as the music. We perform with a light show and projector so our audience can fully experience our art.
What do you think of my work? It's awesome!
How believe and know that this interview will help you in Brazilian music? It's a privilege to be interviewed and we really appreciate the people that make time to help promote and share our music.
What are your role models or idols? People who work really hard. Portishead was an original inspiration for this band, but we admire and respect many musicians.
What do you think they are age limits on some concerts? Depends on the music, I suppose, but if someone likes the music, does it matter how old they are?
Why do you think they are? There are obviously legal limits at venues that serve alcohol.
Is it easier to draw inspiration from older bands than bands that are active today? No, not necessarily. Inspiration can come from many places!
What has been conditioned biggest obstacles in the music industry? It's hard to survive as a DIY artist. People don't often want to pay to support art or artists. So you have to be creative in order to keep making music!What advice would you give to other bands and artists? Do it because you love it, not because you have any grand expectations of fame, etc. Work really hard.

News and updates:

Do you have new material in grams? Yes! We just released a new song. The video is here: This Bliss - No Lies

What is your website?

Our songs are available here:



How can I get you? Email:

What are your plans for the future? More music, more shows!

Do you have anything to add? Thanks again for this interview - we really appreciate it!!

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