interview with Der Prosector

Have any of you played in other bands?

Hi, this is Ged. I am in Scere, 2bit Heroes C-Tec, and used to be in Crisis NTI

Jules Seifert is in 2bit Heroes, Scere and was in The Sepia

Neil Hester was in Downcast, The Sepia, Lansraad and L Sol Tace

Our frontman, Digby, was in The Frogs of War

How is it that you started playing music? None of us had any choice in the matter.

What are your names? / Who plays what? / How old are you?

Ged Denton 49 - synths, samples, vox, production

Neil Hester 40 - guitar, tech wizzard

Jules Seifert 50 - synth, samples, vox, production

Digby Denton 52 - Lead vox

Have you had other previous members? Andrew Keneally was guest guitarist on "Subject 7" on our debut EP "Egregious".

Did you make music even when you were young? We all screamed from day one.

Where are you from? UK and USA

What year did the band form? 2016

What's your style of genre? We have been described as 'Rivet Punk' which is a good fit.

What inspires you? Current affairs, literature, music, anger, irretrievable loss, emptiness...

What made you decide to make this music? It chose us.

What are your songs about? Harsh reality. The evil that men do for money, for their ideologies and, most disturbingly, for fun. That said, a new track called "You Are Alive" honours a good friend of mine who died suddenly and without reason 10 years ago. It took a while to write because even after all this time I'm still processing this tragedy. He was so loved... Anyway, it's not an eulogy - for the sake of privacy, more of an outpouring of extremely painful and positive memories and moments.

Who does the composing and writes the lyrics? We all compose, arrange, edit and re-write each other's contributuions but it's usually me and Jules who get the ball rolling.

Do you start with the music or the lyrics? It always starts with the beats.

Have you done any covers live? No, but we've done a studio cover of Husker Du's "Data Control". Get it free here:

What language do you sing in? English, but I could swear that Digby has thrown some latin words around too.

Where do you plan to gig the comming year? We'll see.

When did you start to sell merchandise, and what do you have for sale? We have a blood spattered vinyl for sale. We are currently out of t-shirts but will definitely make some more available.

Where can people buy your merchandise? Follow links from here:

What do you think about people downloading music instead of buying records now a days? Personally, I hate it. They have no tactile connection to the sounds and no artwork to enjoy.

How do you think the music industry have changed because of this? It's evolved in order to survive but I can't imaging the profits being the same as 30 years ago. I could be wrong.

What do you think of my work? You're obviously passionate and committed. I think that's wonderful!

How do you think and know that this interview will help you in the music business? I have absolutely no idea, lass.

Do you have any role models or idols?

Authors mainy: F. Paul Wilson, Clive Barker, Jamie Delano, Dan Simmons, Iain M. Banks.

Bowie. Foetus. Cardiacs. Devo. Ultravox.

Why do you think that they exist? Their sense of self is mindblowingly original; they did it their way. Christ, can you imagine what a massive compliment that would be to hear?


What have been your biggest obstacles? Distance.

What advice would you give other bands or artists? Pull together behind the band's vision. That does not necessarily mean it's a democracy; someone has to have the vision and direct everyone to that goal. Steal from the best but make it your own. Be yourself as far as you possibly can. Then start asking yourself what David Bowie would do. LOL.

How do you get psyched for a gig? A couple of cans of Suede Smooth but only if you're buying.

Do you have any new material? Oh yes. Our next EP "Egregiouser" is out at the end of August on CD and DL.

What are your web sites?

What are your plans for the future? More music, live shows and to meet William Shatner.

Do you have something to add? Thank you to everyone who has supported us and keep up the awesome work Robex.

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