interview with Akral Necrosis

Have you played in any previous bands? Yes, in a Death cover band in 2005 and I occasionally do vocals for Wormgod.

What's your name? / who plays what? Akral Necrosis is the name of band. The current line-up is composed of myself (vocals), Victor (guitar), SoYoS (bass), Gabriel (guitar), Philip (drums).

What year did you start with music? First time I entered a rehearsal room was 2004. But I began growling with Bolt Thrower tapes in the background in 2000.

Where are you from? Bucharest, Romania.

What do you prefer to call your music style? Black metal.

Have you been able to play live this year? We are about to do so in September 25 when we release our third album.

Best concert memory? There are many since we started performing live in 2007 with Akral Necrosis, but the latest one was during a festival on a sky slope when we were playing the song “Underlight” and a member in the audience who was right up at the fence near the stage was singing along with me.

Do you have new material on g? Our third album is coming out on September 25. “The Greater Absence” is our longest album to date, over one hour of music and it has a narrative concept which will remind some of classic King Diamond albums.

Do you only play covers, or even your own? We used to play covers sometimes in the past, but not recently.

What inspires you? Everyday bullshit, literature, classic movies and the current shit state of the black metal scene which seems to be overtaken with “music biz” idiots. All about selling product, no substance or interest in actually creating music.

What do you have to look forward to, in the near future? Releasing “The Greater Absence”, creating new music and a few more interested projects related to Akral Necrosis.

What internet pages do you have?

What is your motto? Don’t really have one, but what comes to mind at the moment is “We are the cough that will not go away”.

Do you have a bucket list? / If so, what do they say on it? No.

Do you have anything to add? Stop listening to crap music that is being fed to you with playlists and trending lists. Dig deep in the underground to find the real gems. Spread the plague!

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