interview with Hostia

Have you played in any previous bands? Yup, we all played in many different polish bands from 1998, but nothing well known so I will skip the names (laugh). Hostia is the first band that we are all actually together in.

What's your name? / who plays what? vocals - St Sixtus, guitars - St Anacletus, drums - St Evaristus, bass - St Xyxtus

What year did you start with music? We've all started to play about 1998 or even earlier but Hostia was born in 2017.

Where are you from? Poland, Warsaw.

What do you prefer to call your music style?

About the genre, it would be unfair to put us in just one bag in my opinion.

There's a lot of stuff you can catch in our songs. All of us listen to different kinds of music and you can totally feel it when you listening our music. There's grind mixed with death metal with hardcore groove and rock'n'roll catchiness. So you name it!

Have you been able to play live this year? We have literally one confirmed gig in Karkow Poland and that's all for now.

Best concert memory? It's gonna be probably first gig on polish tour last year in Krakow. We were totally in shock, cause of the feedback we got. It was awesome form the first sounds we’ve played.

Do you have new material on g? On gigs? Yeah, We played some new songs last year, and now we are gonna play more than half of the new album live.

Do you only play covers, or even your own? We play almost only our songs and only sometimes one cover just for fun.

What inspires you? In my case it's probably being disgust of religions and humans stupidity, second place are 80' horror slasher movies.

What do you have to look forward to, in the near future? To play more gigs, I hope so and to work on the new music.

What internet pages do you have? Our FB page, shop and bandcamp:,,

What is your motto? Big sunglasses = cool band (laugh)

Do you have a bucket list? / If so, what do they say on it? Not really... we just play for fun and for ourselves, fuck the rest.

Do you have anything to add? My dear readers - if you're tired of modern steril plastic metal music where technique is more important than headbanging – just accept unholy Hostia to your hearts!

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