interview med Intestinal Alien Reflux

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What's your band? Intestinal Alien Reflux
What's your called your members? ugh...what? their my bandmates...
Your members names? Shaun Stiles/Shane Stiles/Marvin Green
How oldare you? 21
Where areyou com from? Michigan, Lansing to be exact
What'serabest song? My favorite song to play live would have to be Republicant, from our second full length, Illegal Aliens
Play Your bandown songs or covers? Our own, we usually throw a covr in the set live depending on the crowd and place, Six feet under, cannibal corpse a few bands we do cover songs from...
Have you released some discor single? We have out 2 full lengths on Sevared Records, first and debu album is called "Exogenocide", 2nd release is called "Illegal Aliens"
Whohas the bestsense of humor? I dont know, id say all of us when we are together are usually laughing constantly but just to be an ass, lets say i do.
Who plays what? Shaun Stiles - Guitar/backing vocals/drum programming, Shane Stiles - Vocals, Marvin Green - Bass
Era's most famous songis called? I'd say a big local favorite is Crack Induced Beatings
Do you have awebsite? Facebook...thats about it, myspace if you actually still use it.
Whereone cansee your band? Right now we are on a down period while we record our new cd, so every couple of onths we do local shows here in lansing or with some friends bands down in if your local your good if not...gonna have to wait till we release this cd and go on tour.
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