interview med Decease

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What is the name of your band? Decease
Name of the band-members? Radu Vulpe , Catalin Vulpe, George Alb
Where did you grow up? All three of us grew up in Zalau[RO] but the band grew up in Cluj-Napoca[RO]
How old are you? 25
Who started the band? It all started from (me)Radu and George after a few garage jams 4 years ago but only 2 years ago we became Decease and started writting our own material.
Where have you played 2012/2013? Just through out Romania 
Where can people se you? On our next shows and that is : 27.04 – Targu Mures,28.04 – Cluj-Napoca,24.05 – Oradea, 26.05 – Sibiu [Romania] 
Do you have a web-site? 
What is the name of your best song? My taste in songs changes over some periods of time but i really enjoy our new stuff. Favorite song is Global Annihilation.
Who plays what? Radu – Guitars\Vocals, Catalin – Bass,George - Drums
What kind of music are you into? Thrash , Death but mostly brutal/technical death metal and except the extreme part of metal i also enjoy '60-'80 fussion/progressive rock and the blues 
Have you been on tour this summer? We've made a small tour last summer through out Romania.
Do you have a planed tour anytime soon? European tour this fall if everything goes well 
Who came up with the band name? Me and George
Who writes the songs? The song concept,riffage and basicaly the whole music ,me.George writes almost all the lyrics.
What song do you play the most? Boling Hatred
Do you play the same songs each performance? Not really.Before releasing our first album we played the same songs but after that we had some new songs and played those to depending of the show.
Have you realesed a album or single? First album released in 15th February this year via Hatework Records and its entitled Exhort To Obliterate. 
Are you working on any new songs? Yes.We have 5 new songs and another two in progress.
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