interview med The Gardnerz

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What is the name of your band? The Gardnerz
Name of the band-members? Niclas Ankarbranth (vocals) Wilhelm Lindh (guitar) Francisco Martín(Bass) Vedran Benčić (drums)
Where did you grow up? Niclas is from Gislaved Sweden Wilhelm is from Jönköping Sweden Francisco is from Santiago Chile Vedran is from Osijek Croatia.
How old are you? Together we are more or less 130 years old.
Who started the band? Wilhelm started the band in 2008.
Where have you played 2012/2013? We have not played live during these years.
Where can people see you? Live currently nowhere.
Do you have a web-site? Yes,
What is the name of your best song? I (Wilhelm) thinks The art of suffering Vedran sais Erasing bad specimen Who plays what? See question above!
What kind of music are you into? I like most kinds of music, guitar based stuff so, metal, blues country, rock.  
Have you been on tour this summer?  Nop.
Do you have a planed tour anytime soon? We are in some talks, but our luck has been very poor up to this point.
Who came up with the band name? I did (Wilhelm)
Who writes the songs? I do (Wilhelm)
Have you released a album or single? One album "The system of nature", one ep " It all fades" and soon one single "Exiting reality"
Are you working on any new songs?Yes we have more than an albums worth of new songs
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