Interview med Toner Low

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What is the name of your band? We named our band Toner Low, as in Low Tones. When we started the band in 1998, we thought that the printer hype would fade in a few years but it didn't, hehe. Some years ago i came up with the idea that ‘Toner Low’ also could be misspelled Norwegian (and maybe Swedish as well), meaning something like ‘Law of Tones’. But i learned Norwegian from Transilvanian Hunger, so i'm not sure if this  explanation is something i can get away with it, haha.

Name of the band-members? Jack, Mier, Daan and we have a sample-guy for at our gigs, named Dirk (he's not in our promo pictures). We've been playing in this line-up since late 2007, when our original vocalist and bassplayer Deef left. Dirk is the fourth sample-guy since early 2008 by the way. He also does the live sound.

Where did you grow up? All three of us grew up in villages between the city of Leiden (Netherlands) and the North Sea. I don't know where Dirk grew up, but he came from The Hague to Leiden many moons ago, hehe.

How old are you? I was born in the last year of the sixties, but i look a lot younger. (it's true though)

Who started the band? Deef, our former bassplayer and vocalist started the band in the first months of 1998, but he already got the plan to start a stonerrock band in Autumn of 1997. We had our first rehearsal in March 1998. In the first years we had many influences, from Kyuss and Monster Magnet to Orange Goblin and Sleep. Around 2002/2003 our music changed into more doom orientated stoner.

Where have you played 2012/2013? We did some gigs in the Netherlands, with one playing with Acid King from the USA. But most gigs in 2012 we did in Germany, playing some dates with Conan (UK) and doing a gig at the afterparty of DesertFest Berlin. In July 2012 we did Play Fast Or Don't Festival in the Czech Republic and did some more gigs in Germany around this date. After that we finished writing our third album and recorded it in January-February 2013. The album got released in April.

Where can people see you? In April and May we did some gigs in Belgium, the UK, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands to promote the new album. From June 'till August we will play more gigs in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy.

Do you have a web-site? Yes, our official website is named and we are on Facebook as well.

What is the name of your best song? That's hard to tell from the inside, so i leave that to the listeners.

Who plays what? Jack plays drums, Mier plays bassguitar and i do guitar and microphone.

What kind of music are you into? Numerous kinds of music. Mostly i listen to a certain style a lot for a period of time and move on to some other band or style that i like. I have to say it's 95% guitar orientated music, such as all kinds of metal, doom, stoner, sixties garage, surf music, seventies rock and hardrock, and old and new punk(rock).

Have you been on tour this summer? We played some gigs in Summer 2012, but do a lot more in Summer 2013.

Do you have a planned tour anytime soon? Apart from several short tours in Spring and Summer (mentioned above), in September a longer tour will be done with Pombagira (UK) playing amongst others in Germany and the Netherlands.

Who came up with the band name? Deef, who started the band and left in November 2007, also came up with the name.

Who writes the songs? We all make riffs or parts of songs and then get to complete songs in the rehearsal room. Besides this, our drummer Jack (when in the creating process of writing music) always hears parts of songs and riffs in his head and we reproduce that as well.

What song do you play the most? I think that would be Devilbot, the first song of our first album (2005), because so far we played it at almost every gig since 2002. Devilbot is also known as Evil Machinery On The Rise by the way. This confusion is caused by the six lines in the cd, that were mistaken for titles. On the vinyl release those lines ended up at the back of the album, so it got even more confusing.

Do you play the same songs each performance? No, we try to have a different set-list with every gig, but the first and the last song were mostly the same in the past years. In general we play four songs live, so that leaves not much room, haha. However, when we play in the same city or area again we make sure at least those songs in the middle are different ones from the last time that people could have seen us there. 

Have you released an album or single? Our third full-length studio album came out on double vinyl, cd and audio cassette in April 2013 on Bilocation Records (Kozmik Artifactz sub-label) and Roadkill Rekordz (our DIY-label). Before that we released II in 2008 and our first in 2005. In between we had one 7-inch and some free live downloads.

Are you working on any new songs?We worked on our third album on and off in 2011 and in the first months of 2012. Up from September 2012 until mid-January 2013 we finished the songs, and rehearsed them a lot before we went into the studio.

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