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What is the name of your band? STATE OF MIND
Name of the band-members? Emile on vocals, Gijs on guitar, Arjan plays the bass, René on drums and my name is Jan, also on guitar.
Where did you grow up? We're all from the Netherlands, but we all grew up in different parts of the country.
How old are you? I'm 32 years old.
Who started the band? The band got started by Emile, Gijs and some other guys back in 2004. Arjan, René and me joined the band in 2007.
Where have you played 2012/2013? Holland, Belgium, Germany. That's it.
Where can people se you? Well, we just played our final show last week, so you just missed out. Sorry.
Do you have a web-site?
What is the name of your best song? Good question! I guess it differs for all of us, but I'll go with Justify, Without Fear and Still Afraid.
What kind of music are you into? I like different kinds of music. Mainly hardcore, metal, hiphop, indie, and stuff like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 16 Horsepower, Townes Van Zandt.
Have you been on tour this summer? Nope.
Who came up with the band name? Rob aka BUST aka The Beast came up with the suggestion. Emile seemed to dig it.
Who writes the songs? Gijs wrote most of the basic tracks, and we all added stuff during rehearsals.
what song do you play the most? I guess we played Still Afraid the most.
Do you play the same songs each performance? We used to switch stuff around, but there are some songs we more or less always played.
Have you realesed a album or single? Yup. Demo tape, two 7" EP's, two full lengths and a 12".
A picture of you and a link to one of your songs if at all possible. Check out our Facebook page for pics and songs.
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