interview med Not The Fallen

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What is the name of your band? Not The Fallen
Name of the band-members? Peter, Darell, Khai
Where did you grow up? Lion City, Singapore
How old are you? 21
Who started the band? Khai
Where have you played 2012/2013? Only local shows
Where can people se you? We're already disbanded
Do you have a web-site?
What is the name of your best song? Deceiver
Who plays what? Peter - Vocals / Khai - Guitars / Darell - Drums
What kind of music are you into? Hardcore/Metal
Have you been on tour this summer? Nope
Do you have a planed tour anytime soon? Disbanded
Who came up with the band name? All of us
Who writes the songs? The whole band
what song do you play the most? All of it i guess?
Do you play the same songs each performance? We change every once and then
Have you realesed a album or single? Just a single, we bailed out from our album because our drummer fucked us up while in the midst of recording
Are you working on any new songs? No
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