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What´s the name of your band? S.H.O.U.T 
How was the band formed? Formed by me(Glamster) in the end of 2004 as a own Project and as an "lordi Tribute show"with the name "The Monsters" then after that we changed the name To ROCK POLICE  and the finally in 2011 or 10 to S.H.O.U.T,but you could say the band started seriously in 2012
Can you tell about your band? Yeah,we're all Monster maniacs from finland,Vaasa,released our first full lenght album "Monsterious" in the end of 2013,and we're all about horror, Studs and leather,platform boots and in your face attitude.
Where are all band members from?/Who does what in the band?
Glamster(me) on Lead Vocals 
TerrRor on Drums 
Ghost1# on Guitars 
Ghost2# on Bass
What was the ambitions of the band when you started?To make Rockin' N Shockin' Music.
Could you explain your music to someone that haven't heard you? It's Monsterious And Evil!(laughing) 
Who writes your songs?/ who writes the music who writes lyrics? Mostly me,if i watch a horror movie i will always get new ideas.
Who has the best since of humor in the band? The Drummer TerrRor he can even make a drumstick funny.(laughing) 
What's good/bad with the band?/What genre do you feel you are? Shock Rock,Heavy Metal,Horror Rock.
Why did you pick that particular style?/What are your songs about? our songs are mostly about Horror Movies,Death,blood,monsters.
Have you made any albums?/If yes what are they? As said We released our first full lenght album "Monsterious" in the end of 2013 we had worked with it  over a year. and our second album is coming out in a few months! It's called "Dead Of Night" and now everyone got to know the name of the new album here! 
Do you have any clips on YouTube? Yea we have some old embarrassing clips just re-uploaded to our new channel.(laughing)
How old are you?/What got you started in music? I am 18 in 2 months,The drummer is 17 i think and i have no idea about the "Ghosts" Coz they are ghosts (laughing) 
How old were you guys when you first stood on stage? 5 or 6 in some school stuff (laughing) 
What year was the band started? as a solo project/lordi tribute act in the end of 2004, but as S.H.O.U.T in  2012.
Where have you played from then till now? We haven't yet had any public gigs as S.H.O.U.T,only some private gigs on friends birthdays and stuff,but this year we are planing to play some gigs at a local bar.
Witch band is the best you´ve seen? Lordi in 2009 in Vaasa Rockperry Festival.
What are the plans for the rest of the year? to release the new album,play some gigs,make a music video and who knows..
Is it easier to get your inspiration from older bands or from bands more modern? Older.
What are your sources of inspiration? Horror Movies and 80's rock and metal.
What's the first step when making a new song? figure out a great riff and lyrics.
What would be your dreams for the band? To Shock people,and to get to do this the rest of my life
Besides your own music, what genres and bands do you listen to? KISS,Lordi.W.A.S.P.,Alice Cooper,Mötley Cure,Twisted Sister,GG Allin,Guns N Roses,Accept etc..
What do you hold most dear? My Lordi collection.
How important are your fans? They are the Bosses.
How often do you rehearse? 1-2 times a week.
Name 2 of your own songs you like at the moment?
"Things That Go Bump In The Night" our upcoming second single from the new album.
"Tales From The Monsters" from our first album & EP.
Do you have any webpages?
and more links at our Offical Website:
Would you like to add anything else? Check out our new Single "Back For Blood" on and our first album "Monsterious" is soon re-released all over the world on Spotify,Itunes,Amazon,Etc...
Describe your show, visually and musically Bloody,Shocking,Loud.
Tell us about upcomming gigs and why we should be at them? as said there will(hopefully) be some gigs this year,you should be there or be square.
How would you describe your sound in one sentence Monsterious Rock'N'Roll.
Do you have anything to add?Check out our Album "Monsterious" & New Single "Back For Blood" on  our Bandcamp or soundcloud & Remember to Stay tuned for the new album "Dead Of Night" Coming out this year! 
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