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Personal questions about the band and their members:

Have you played in any band before? I’ve always been involved in music. Back in high school I played in a band with my friends Leah, Kara, Julie, and Aimee called the Baja Bitches. We used to hang out on the train tracks and rehearse at The Depot. Our buddy Ryan managed things for us – got us gigs. Our music was the style at the time – 90s Grunge – lots of flannel, Camel cigarettes. Since then I’ve Dj-ed and danced – for the past 20+ years – in different countries and clubs with different collaborators.

How will they do that you began to enter the field of music?When I was in college in Greece I study interpretive dance but decided I like to be the DJ better. After I went to another college in Thailand where I study bird law I really got into DJ-ing. During my time in Thailand I meet Betty, Lim, Noy, Jin and other wonderful friends who show me such love like family. Betty makes the cloths I wear for shows and Jin’s daughter Jinsong-Tin (we call her Jst) dances.

What's your name? / Who plays what? / How old are you?Analeise Wingcamp. I’m 40 years old. I DJ, sing, write music, dance.

Have you had previous members?My Thai cub Raul DJs now too. He just like his mom – very talented.

Did you do music already when you were small?I’ve always been musical. Growing up I was always at my dad’s turntable playing records. My mom wasn’t around much but when she was she brought me to shows – some of her boyfriends were musicians. I got in on the shows - started DJ-ing when I was very young – would get up on stage when I was like 9 and help DJ. I loved the spotlight – being on stage and worshipped – I could feel the energy of the crowd.

Where are you from?

I live all over but I feel Framingham, Mass. USA is my true hometown. My dad Winkamp Wijnkamp from The Netherlands - he marry mom when she was 16 - her name Kalonice - from Greece - but they call her Nicey. Very beautiful but roamed. Many boyfriends I call "uncle".

Dad made lots of money with his companies - they came to Framingham when I was 12 for new business. Put me in catholic then Sudbury Valley School. Dad always away working. Mom had her men. My Belgish nanny took care of me but she like the drink.

After high school I studied at the mass bay for 6 months but wasn't for me. My aunts Zirina in Greece say I can stay with her. My mom stayed there sometimes - when things with men went bad. Then she leave again. But my aunts and cousins love me. I go to college and study dance. Dad pay for it but he wanted me to go into business but I have dance and music in my soul.

I fall in love with professor - he from Thailand. He wanted to go back to homeland so I follow and study there - bird law - dad happiness about that. Mom want me to marry him but he had Thai wife somewhere. We danced, sang, explore life. Thai professor turn out to be not what he seemed. Then the incident happen.

After that I travel - dad made bunch of money on Wingcamp Limited and I get trust fund. Went to Miami with Noy and met Joaquin - love that man - always will. He get me with child - Raul. Then he leave me for Noy. I was heartbroken. Leave Raul with Joaquin and Noy and take off. They good dads - raised him good.

Spent some years with mom, some with dad, some with Belgish nanny - then many years with Betty and Lim. Will tell those stories later - so many - too tired. Brain hurt from thinking.

Realize this year I need to get back to Framingham - be with people from high school. This summer like coming home. Now Betty and Lim here - all together again. And got Thai cub back - my Raul - he has my talents with the music and dance.

What year was started the band?My latest band started this summer when I return to U.S. Not really a band – I DJ and Betty, Jst, Lim, Teddy PLuv and Raul do their parts. They help me mix the music, make costumes, dance, lights/sound, get gigs.

What do you play music style?My style is sexy, fresh, hot, spicey – I like to mix different sounds – bells, washboard, tracks from 70s porn, clips from recorded phone calls, factory noise, animal noises, recordings from club bathroom – all over the place but it all come together.  

What inspires you?Love, sex, friends, god, other people’s music and art

Do you use earplugs when you appear?No that for pussies. I want to hear and feel the music. It in my soul.

How have you evolved since you started with music?yeah – I was a child when I started this – my mom and her men controlled my style – once I got older and broke free my soul was freed – started with 90s grunge then as I travel it expand all over: Nangma, Queercore, Cante chico, G-funk, Japanoise, Moombahton, Manila Sound – too many to list here – so much music and love

Do you have any other interests or jobs outside of the band and the music?

I go urban exploring with my witch friend Leah – the Gallivanting Ginger – she goes to abandoned places and makes videos on YouTube. I’ve been writing some music for her new videos.

I love to fish – have lived by the sea much of my life. My friend Julie’s husband is a captain – Captain Tim. I DJ on his boat sometimes for his customers – Kaitlin Anne Sportfishing – I’m also writing music for his fishing videos.

I spend a lot of time with my dear friends and my son Raul. We love, dance, sing, make music. Have been trying to date on Tinders – hard for an old broad like me but I get lucky ;) Also design cloths with my friend Betty.

I also love animals – we had a family of raccoons for awhile. And I had dogs. My friend Tammy has a bunch of animals – monkeys, all different things – I help her with those. They are such good creatures.

Are you looking for the booking company, what are your thoughts and requirements around it then?Right now everyone just book with me directly or through my friend/manager Teddy PLuv. HongKong Charlie has gotten me some gigs too. He is an old friend of my dad – has lots of connections.

Questions about your music and lyrics:

How will that you do music?Music is everything – I do music every day. When I don’t do music I think about it.

What are your songs about the whole?Lots of songs about love and pain and experiences in life. I have a lot of anger inside. Good thing I DJ or I’d be in jail.

Who writes the lyrics?I write most of the lyrics but Teddy PLuv and Lim write too.

Who does the music?I make the music

When you do a song, you start with the music or the lyrics?Usually with the lyrics – I get an idea in my head and start writing down words – how I feel. Then Betty, Jst, Teddy PLuv, Lim and me talk about it – we get high in Lim’s van – creative process. I’ve had to stop the Pandy though – fucks me up. My friends are all so talented – I’m blessed.

In which environment do you usually do your songs?I sing everywhere – at home, in the car, in the shower, on the train – but I perform at clubs. We got a new club we’ve been playing at – so hot – the manager let’s us do what we want – get creative.

Do you play only original songs live and also covers?I do both but prefer my original work

What language are you singing about?I mainly sing in English but sometimes in Greek and Thai too

Questions regarding your gigs and performances like:

How many have come at least to your concerts?I usually rock a place – fill it up – it helps when Jst dances cause she’s hot – gets the men into the clubs. I had a New Year’s Eve show last weekend with like 150 people. Room was packed. Jst brought a few of her friends into dance that night. But that’s just eye candy – the people are really there to hear and feel my music.

How many have come most of your concerts?Between 25 and 300 – had some huge shows in Thailand and Haiti

How have you done or intend to do it to get more audience at your gigs?I started my Facebook page – promote gigs on there. The new club – The Faery Room - is doing some promotions too.

Which age group drawn mostly to your concerts?All ages – 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s – even had some older people like 80 too. Depends on where I’m performing. The young people really love me – like early 20s. This new club is on the older side though.

Do you play always the same songs live or vary it?Mix it up depending on my mood

Do you have any ordinary place where you usually play?Been playing at new club - The Faery Room – in the Boston area. Honestly I’m getting sick of playing here– need to get out on the road. My friend Betty is in Thailand right now – hoping she can set up some gigs there for the spring.

Each was led first gig?My first gig was in Framingham 20+ years ago with the Baja Bitches – a house party at Laura K’s. We dance like Skidz ata Rap Party! My friend Leah got into trouble with some big dude and Aimee and her man had to come save us with a pick up truck. We were so young.

Each was led last gig?My last gig was at The Faery Room on December 31, 2016.

Have you had to adjust reached gig sometime?Yeah sometimes I have to change up the music if the crowd isn’t feeling it

Where have you been playing this year?We play a club up in Saugus for awhile but that get stale. The new club rocks – The Faery Room – been playing there all the time.

Where do you have plans to play the rest of the year?Hope to get on the road soon – working on new material. Would love to go back to Thailand. Maybe hit Miami too.

Which countries have you played in?







I really want to play in The Netherlands because my dad is from there

Questions regarding your merchandise:

When did you sell merchandise?I’m not selling any now but my friend Betty sells her cloths

What are your merchandise gadgets?Betty makes cloths for my shows and sells them – she is on Facebook

Where can I buy your Merchanndise?Visit Betty’s Facebook page: Betty Baumgarten

Questions about your views:

What do you think about downloading more music than buying CDs nowadays?I love it – easier to spread music – can get exposed to so many different music styles

How to think and do you think the music industry has changed since they started downloading music?People get exposed to new music – good for everyone – not limited to playing same old cassette that’s been in car since 1992 – music is now everywhere – on phones, internet, computers – it a beautiful thing

If you prefer downloaded music, cassette, CD or Vinyl?Always Vinyl

What would you do if the music is not the fans?My fans are everything – without them I be nothing – they love me and I love them – my soul comes alive when I rock the house

What about the guards' job at your gigs and stuff?HongKong Charlie has some guys – they are the bouncers – don’t think they are legal but they do the job – big dudes from all over – Jst sleeps with most of them – Betty probably has too – she’s old but she gets around if you know what I mean

Those attending light and sound how much they have helped you really if you think about?Oh my god you got to have light and sound – if not you have no magic! Lim does most of it but now he teaching my cub Raul how to do it.

What do you think of my work?I love that you are sharing our stories – musicians learn from each other – good work!!

How believe and know that this interview will help you in Brazilian music?I haven’t been into the Brazilian music – should I be? I had a Brazilian wax once – hurt like fuck. They are really sexy people though – I got to get in on that music scene.

What are your role models or idols?

Frankie Knuckles

Afrika Bambaataa


Steve Aoki




Kool Herc

DJ Tony Tone

What do you think they are age limits on some concerts?There shouldn’t be – My ex Joaquin and his man Noy bring our cub Raul to shows when he was little – like two years old – kids need music.

Is it easier to draw inspiration from older bands than bands that are active today?Yeah – I hope to be making music forever – been making music for 30+ years – like them hope I’ll still be making music another 30+ years from now

What has been conditioned biggest obstacles in the music industry?Hard to make money – any artist has trouble with that – got to find other ways to pay the rent. Wish I could focus on my music.

How tags you up before a concert?I used to be hooked on the Pandy and horse tranquilizers but I stop that shit – now I get pumped for a show through the love of my friends. Still like the rum and weed though – it legal now in Mass.

News and updates: 

How can I get you?Through Facebook or email:

What are your plans for the future?Gotta keep perfecting my work – keep playing, mixing, performing – want to keep teaching my son what I know so he can improve and expand

Do you have anything to add?Thank you for the chance to share my work – I am so blessed with music and friends and family – I thank them and all those who make music and inspire me – god bless

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