interview with Dmytro Demchenko

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How did you start playing music? I have begun to practise music approximately when I was 10 years old. I have graduated from music school on a class of a classical guitar, then I entered  musical college on a class of a classical guitar, and later entered conservatoy on a bass guitar class. But I write music since childhood.  After graduating from Dneprovsk conservatory  of  M.Glinki I studied at the Lviv musical academy of  N.Lisenko on department theoretic-composer a composition class.

What's your genre? I prefer to experiment in music. The question of the New music  interests many people all over the world. The 20th century has brought us many views, ideas and directions. On my opinion the right way in nowadays music is mixing: timbres, search of new rhythmic permissions.  Now  I work on combination of graphics and music. I write band music, music for ensembles, solo plays (in particular for the Dem-guitar tool invented and developed by me).

What inspires you? I am inspired by different books, for instance about studying of constellations or philosophical views. Any composition is born from an image. After I select a timbre and musical technics I begin to write work. In 2016 the premiere of my symphonic poem  " Era of stars" has been held in the city of Lviv.

Do you have other interests? Yes, sure. I like to draw and read, it helps me to scoop many ideas and to see the world more objectively. I am interested in extraordinary  music. I consider that the best tool for development of inner world is art. Art is everything. It can be either  the  main thing in life  or it just a hobby. Each activity has to be developed and disclosured.

Can you tell about your musical instrument?

Well, on the 4th course of a conservatoria I had an idea  to combine a guitar and a bass guitar. At first it didn’t not turn out to play two instruments  and this fact  has led me to Dem-guitar. But I want to tell that I am a successor, it is my own view. But initially these tools were called Touch-guitar.  

(Developers: Joe Bunker, Emmett Chapman, Mark Warr)

I have only shown the image and  the direction of these tools. By the way my instrument was in the context of the thesis in Lviv musical academy of N. V. Lysenko.

What are  your compositions about? I was always interested in interior. Interestingly as the mentality reacts and interacts with the world. Where is the beginning and the end? What is to live? Why are we here? I consider  that everything big is small. In chemical and physical processes we see it. It is necessary to listen.…))

What do you think of my work? You have a very good work. Thanks to journalists information reaches people all over the world. This job is creative and includes communicating  with interesting people, but its stressful at the same time.

How and what there was your first concert? It was at music school, the second or the third class. I executed M. Giuliani's Etude, Psa M. Karkassi and sang the song. It was interesting and cheerful)

Do you have any new material? Yes , I have many interesting ideas and approaches of writing  musical compositions and want to realize them. I live in “eternal experience”. In search of the new ideas and their realization. Now I work on an album for Dem-guitar and also on plays and poems for symphonic orchestra.

In what activity are you still engaged? I am not only composer,  I am also  teacher. It is very important for teacher to be able to convey information to pupils . Communication with pupils is very necessary  in progress.   

What are your web sites? I have a page on Facebook  and also the channel on YouTube. There it is possible to get acquainted with  part of my works. I work on creation of the website now.

In what projects did you  take part? In variety of projects. There was a premiere of my graphic i score in the city of Lviv. There were also  projects of the improvisational direction. Now I place emphasis on solo activity. 

What would you wish to the beginning composers? Personally I study and I will always study. It is necessary to develop throughout all life. How to live without knowledge? The most important for beginners is system, disciplined and complete approach. It is important to see the purpose and reach it. If the person doesn't find what he wants to reach, but will move forward, his life will turn into an infinite circle of movement. So many men, so many minds!

What are your plans for the future? I would like  people  to put some questions for themselves, not only social and material but  also spiritual, a question of development of inner world . I want everybody to understand how it’s important  to leave behind a trace or  bring  something New to Mankind . “You were born unique, don't become the copy”. 

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