interview with FLEMT

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Have any of you played in other bands? yes we also  play in other bands but coverband .. only for amusemeny 
How is it that you started playing music? we started to play music since we are 13 years old ... we played and we dreamed 
What are your names? / Who plays what? / How old are you?
Daniele Bianchelli 46 years old svoice 
Michele Trillini guitar 46 years old 
Alessandro Lapini 49 years old bass 
Francesco Schippa  25 years old keyboard
Diego Romagnoli 45 years old drums 
Have you had other previous members? yes our friend Ivano Zoppi ( Keyboard)
Did you make music even when you were young? yes but Micehele and me had a band of own song 
Daniele e diego had a cover band 
Where are you from? Ancona / Falconara .. in the middle of Italy 
What inspires you? yes they exist!! if they are positive models or idols it is right !! .... sometimes they are over stimated but sometimes they have had an important role in the history of music
What do you think of my work? you can find the inspiration from all .... also from your interview
What have been your biggest obstacles? in our country there is not possibility for the rock bands because there is only talent that decides the success of the melodic  single singers 
How do you get psyched for a gig? when the music is a passion every gig is a party 
Do you have any new material? yes we are writing new songs and most of them are ready to record ... others ...are in our dreams yet !!
What are your web sites? 
How can people reach you?
Twitter: @flemtrockband
What are your plans for the future? we are waiting for a summer tour in Usa and on October we will record new cd
Do you have something to add? thank you very much for your time .... people like you allows to divulgate new bands a new songs.. ... your work and your effort is great !! Thank you very much 
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