interview with David Rohde

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Personal questions about the band and their members:
Have you played in any band before? Yes, several, but it was hard to find other musicians with my level of conviction  

How will they do that you began to enter the field of music? I'm afraid I don't understand the question
What's your name? / Who plays what? / How old are you? My name is David Rohde, and I'm 30, vocalist/lyricist
Have you had previous members? I tried but again, lack of conviction
Did you do music already when you were small? Yes, very young, around 6
Where are you from? Originally Evanston, Wyoming, usa
What year was started the band? I went solo in 2010
What do you play music style? Id like to believe that nothing is off limits, from country and blues to metal and artrock
What inspires you?
Mostly my life, but also other music, art and old legends and stories
Do you use earplugs when you appear? No, I found it hard to concentrate with them in
How have you evolved since you started with music? I think its impossible to say, but I allow myself to evolve and change constantly
Do you have any other interests or jobs outside of the band and the music?
martial arts, and building specifically woodworking
Are you looking for the booking company, what are your thoughts and requirements around it then?
I am, basically just get me shows
Questions about your music and lyrics:
What are your songs about the whole? Mostly my songs are about my struggle with relationships, my illness and some on old legends and wives tales
Who writes the lyrics? I do
Who does the music? I purchase the instrumentals and mix or remix them myself
When you do a song, you start with the music or the lyrics? that really depends, I'm always listening to instrumentals sometimes they fit well with lyrics I've already written, sometimes I write lyrics for the instrumental
In which environment do you usually do your songs? I like to be alone and warm when I write
Do you play only original songs live and also covers? thus far only originals but I am very seriously looking into doing a cover or two
What language are you singing about? American English
Questions regarding your gigs and performances like:
How many have come at least to your concerts? very few usually just for friends and family I'm not very popular yet
How have you done or intend to do it to get more audience at your gigs?
im working with a publicist to get actual shows, because of my variances with genre its been hard to get in on the bar scene
Which age group drawn mostly to your concerts? when I played in bands it was always my age group
Do you play always the same songs live or vary it? Right now I have a set, but have extras set aside in case of changes to audience mood or reactions to certain songs I have
Have you had to adjust reached gig sometime? The actual reason I quit my last band was because we had to cancel a gig (My guitarist went to jail)
Where do you have plans to play the rest of the year?
I would love the opportunity for a us tour as an opener for now
Which countries have you played in?
Questions regarding your merchandise:
What are your merchandise gadgets? tees, posters and flash drives
Where can I buy your Merchandise? i have a web designer working on a website
Questions about your views:
What do you think about downloading more music than buying CDs nowadays? I like digital media, I used to get so angry when my cds got scratched...
How to think and do you think the music industry has changed since they started downloading music? well I think its still a bit of a no mans land, but now that the industry is learning how to make it work for them as opposed to against them things are going to head back in the direction of record labels as opposed to just individuals making and releasing music 
If you prefer downloaded music, cassette, CD or Vinyl? i really don't have a preference as long as it finds its way into my headphones
What would you do if the music is not the fans? I would probably go back to building houses
What about the guards' job at your gigs and stuff? i haven't had to worry about it yet, but i do have a head of security
How believe and know that this interview will help you in Brazilian music? i have no idea
What are your role models or idols? BB.King, Maynard James Keenan, and David Draiman
What do you think they are age limits on some concerts? Because sometimes very adult things go on at concerts
Is it easier to draw inspiration from older bands than bands that are active today? Most bands today sound all pretty much the same, so older ones
What has been conditioned biggest obstacles in the music industry? Finding my target audience
News and updates:
Do you have new material in grams? like I said, im gearing up for my first official release, but yes if i wanted to i could release two albums at the same time
What is your website? just my facebook and soundcloud now, i have someone designing an actual website now though
How can I get you? its best to leave on my facebook for now
What are your plans for the future? just to keep making music and hope it goes somewhere

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