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Have some of you played in other bands? I am alone, but to answer the question yes I have already played with other groups
How did you start playing music? At the age of 13 years
Where are you from?From Douai in the north of France
In what year was the group formed? Alone since 2016 and my first group at the age of 15
What is your gender style? Pop Rock Metal
What inspires you? Pink floyd, Supertramp, Metallica, System of a down etc ... ..
How often and where do you reject? 3 to 4 times a week and about 2 hours for each repetition
How have you developed since you started with music? Group music has always been a failure for various problems of availability, or convergence of points of view.
Do you have any other interests outside the group? I have a job outside the music that makes me live.
What led you to decide to make this music? The passion and the desire of composition
What are your songs? From what inspires me, life, death, information, daily life
Who composes and writes the lyrics? Only me !!
Do you start with music or lyrics? It depends, I have texts that are future songs and then I also have music without words
Are you composing in a certain inviroment? I like to be alone and calm to compose in order not to be distracted.
Did you make live covers? Not for the moment but I think about it.
In which language do you sing?I sing mainly in French because it is my mother tongue but I still have passages in English.
What is the least and most people to attend one of your concerts?In France we have the music festival on June 21 which happens in the street, so there it is everyone watching me play. My music may be very soft or very aggressive but always in a rather rock context.
What ages are most of your concert assistants? People who come to see me can be between 15 and 70 years old.
Do you always play the same songs live, or does it vary?I play the same songs but I add the news.
What was your first concert like?I had to be 16 or 17 years old I was only guitarist at that time and I really loved this evening. To be able to take pleasure in playing my instrument in front of people it was brilliant. The concert went well we played in a room of the festivals and we made a first part of a local group
What was your last concert? In the month of April 2017
Where did you play live this year? In the month of April 2017
Where do you plan to spend the year ahead?I stay in France but maybe in another region
When did you start selling merchandise and what do you have to sell? By going to work outside the music I do not need to be paid, because for me it is above all a pleasure. So I do not want to be paid to have fun !!
Where can people buy your goods? Nowhere !!
What do you think of people who download music instead of buying recordings now by days?Music is an industry, the one who wants to live has no choice but to make a maximum of concerts in order to be able to have revenues. Unfortunately for these musicians there, the illegal download does not arrange them, because living his passion is great but with enormous constraints.
How do you think the music industry has changed because of that? We have new stars every day. The world is going very fast, there is a turnover in this industry. It is an infernal business, partly linked to our time, where we must constantly find new ones.
What do you think of my work? You are in the information, I find it very well !!
How do you think and do you know that this interview will help you in the field of music? I have been doing music for so long and I give my love to what I do, that the fact that you have contacted me is already so much pleasure and gives me recognition
Do you have models or idols?I would not mention anyone because there are too many that I adore
Why do you think they exist?For the pleasure of the ear of the whole world and all the emotions conveyed by the sound. Music is ancestral in all countries. People who listen to music need to escape through it.
Is it easier to find inspiration from older or more active groups today? A mix of the two
What were your biggest obstacles?I work in MAO (Computer Aided Music) my biggest obstacle has been finding competent and reliable musicians and reconciled music and family life.
What advice would you give to other groups or artists? That one must be sure of the same wavelength at the beginning of a project. To know to surround oneself with people who have the same vision of the future of the project. And finally if possible to have talent.
How are you excited about a concert? I prepare thoroughly to be the best on stage and give the best of myself. And to know that one will appreciate my music makes me happy.
Do you have a new material?Yes a new Electro acoustic guitar Ibanes and quite recent equipment
What are your websites? Facebook DOYSSOLO Guitar chant
How can people reach you? Through Facebook
What are your plans for the future? Continued to make music again and again to have a good time give me pleasure with it and give it to those who will listen well to me
Do you have anything to add? I will add videos on Facebook, but it will take a little while I take care of all this and thank you to you who do a good job.
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