interview with Johny Puke

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Have any of you played in other bands?  
yea,since 1986 or so but none of them ever did anything,much 2 speak of.
How is it that you started playing music? 
older brother's played alittle an their records they i mean old school records.
What are your names? / Who plays what? / How old are you? C.H. Winkle.i played bass,guitar,an sing. 
an i use diff drummers an some samples loops i putt togther myself.
i was born in 74 do the math. i  try not 2 think about it.
Have you had other previous members? i live in bulls gap,east tenn,
theres not many people 2 play with here.but i dont give up trying 2 find people 2 back me up.
Did you make music even when you were young? yes sir 11 or 12.went out an played shows an 
learned the hard way infront of people.i started on bass.
Where are you from? BUlls gap east tenn.USA
What year did the band form? I STARTED PLAYING guitar an really writeing hard at it 10 years ago,
really.but this all new idea,just useing Johny Puke
doing open mike nites an recording demos.
What's your style of genre? hard,mountain,punk
What inspires you? i just listen 2 poeple at the store an at work an make shit up,sometimes i think is cool
How often and where do you reherse? every day my man,
Do you have other interests of work outside the band? no i DONT play video games or fish or hunt,
or really talk 2 people,i hadnt ever live in house with cable tv.
i make my own buttter.
if i want 2 hear a heavey song i write 1,an if i want 2 hear 80s tech no .i do it.
Are you looking for a booking agency, and what are your thoughts around that? 
shit if some one pay me 2 do this.that be far out
Are you looking for a label, and what are your thoughts around that? same answer from above.
What made you decide to make this music? i hadnt bought music snince there was tapes,
so i make my own.
it makes me feel better an once u recorded a song its forever in the groves some old man said.
rolling stones guitar player.
What are your songs about? everything around in me.
old stroyies an its way of settleing sore's sometimes.
an saying never going back there again.
Who does the composing and writes the lyrics? all me.dude
Do you start with the music or the lyrics? it could be both or just 1 word.or little sound from  a flat top.
Do you compose in a certain inviroment? no
Have you done any covers live? not yet
What language do you sing in? hillybilly
When did you start to sell merchandise, and what do you have for sale? i hate when bands sell stuff,
music is free,an i got into this aviod being abookkeeper
What do you think about people downloading music instead of buying records now a days?
its sad putting your hands on old school
record an listening to the music
an all you know about the band is that cover an back,an your mind wonders.
thats gone.but i do have free down loads.
What have been your biggest obstacles? being where i from
What advice would you give other bands or artists? move 2 a city.
Do you have any new material? all the time i do about 5 or six demos a year a post them up
What are your web sites?
How can people reach you? facebook@johnypuke
What are your plans for the future? never stopping
Do you have something to add? say the things you want 2 say,
2 the people you do the thing you want 2 do.
with people you want 2. but dont tell them i told you.
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