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What´s the name off bands? it wants to significate somethink like "Warriors" in our ancestral lenguage; Basque lenguage (Euskera). 

Who started the band? When i let my previous band (Etsaiak), at the beginning of the year 2016, I felt the need to create another band and give continuity to my work and to my musical concerns. I met some friends with whom I had a lot of confidence and I tried to do the best job of my life. 

Tell us a brief introduction of who you are? we are a punk hard core band, but we have  many musical resources, we do not limit ourselves just  to that…

Where are you from? 

we are coming from Bilbao! Basque Country! 

How did you meet? walking around   

the musical wordl! just at diference hard core and metal bands concerts and tipical rock music pubs of Bilbao.

Explain to those who have not heard you, how does your music? i think is a fast and intense punk hard core band. We talk about many social problems in our lyrics because we are so disappointment whit this society! whit this corrupt system! we take energy from this! 

Each was led first gig?/Where were off last gig? first gig was a year after we start playing in a Pirates Of Athletic party. It is a club of fanatics of the famous Athletic Club of Bilbao. We are very friends of this people and they proposed us to play at that party in front of 400 people in a live room in Gernika (not so far from Bilbao). It was an unforgettable night. And the last one in Portugalete, it was a finish of a little tour un Basque Country whit a band comings from Tenerife (Brutalized Kids). They are big friends now! 

Who writes the songs?/Who does the music? i do it! the only one crazy writer is me! jajajaja but, Minas and Eneka use to help me making some parts to finish last songs we create. 

Who has the best humor? Eneka, whiteout any dudes! he is always smiling and trying to plant a good wave including when we are worries or sad. He is a great companion! we are like brothers for everything in this life! 

Good and bad sides of the band? good side is our union like big friends and this is something can ear in our music, The bad thing is that we are very ugly! jajajajajajj

What you drive for music style? We are neighborhood kids and we grew up listening to music linked to the working class. that makes us people with intellectual concerns of a social nature. that's why we started from punk, which is something we've all enjoyed day after day. but when you evolve musically one of the things that happens is that you want more speed besides quality. We are not in the 70s or the 80s, and right now punk is something like a nostalgic memory of where we come from but we are the ones who must decide where we are going and that is something punk hands.

Do you own songs or covers? yes, all the songs are from Gudazaleak, we don’t do covers or thinks like that.

Have you released any album or single? Yes, Now we are presenting our first album since we have only been two years and although we already have many years of experience each one by his side. Soon we will start recording the second album. On our first album we can say that it is homonymous and that it was released in October of 2017.

What do you sell for merchendise gadgets? 

we have records, shirts, patches, and soon we will make hats and shorts for the summer.

The discs cost € 5 and the shirts 12 and 10 depending on the model.

Have you done any music videos? We have many videos posted on the network, among which there is an interview in Spanish and a video clip that we just presented yesterday.

How has your music evolved since you began playing music together? We have evolved a lot having a lot of good influences from groups like Berrit Txarrak, which is another group, in addition to others like Rise Against or even GBH, Penywise, and many other different groups. the question is to grow and we want to do it by working hard and doing things well but without forgetting that we have many influences and that we must continue to nourish them and others that are coming.

What are your dreams with the band? we play just to enjoy, but every body know that music is a expensive hobby. this is the reason we have an economy. we have to keep the accounts well to guarantee the continuity of the band but everyone has their work outside of it.

How is it this time of year to get out on the gig? It is always a good time to play, life is a great succession of gigs! 

What are your two big favorite songs you done? we love every song we do but on a personal level I think the best ones will be in our next album. We are making songs that we like more and more. Among the songs of the first album I would like to highlight (Alimaña) and (Zarataren Garaiak)

What do you do besides the band and the music? I have a recording studio and I dedicate myself to music production for other rock bands in general. I also have to say that the album is produced by me in my studio and we are very satisfied with how it sounds.

How important are your fans? the greatest importance since without them we are nothing. The fans have put us here and we owe them everything we are getting.

What is the funniest thing a fan did for you? chase us during all the concerts of a tour with a constant drunkenness in which ended every night catching me and at the end the two drunks every night and often lying on the floor! Now he is a great friend!

What is the best band you live way? As a musician I can not keep one, in my life there are thousands of groups and every day there will be more. that's the way forward: listening to a lot of music!

How old were you at your first concert you saw and how old were you at your first gig? my first concert I do not remember it well since I grew up seeing them as a child because my parents were fanatical rockers. the first concert in which he performed was when he was 14 years old. It's been 25 years since then!

What is the biggest fear when you go onstage? whenever you go to a concert to play you fear that there are no people. They are hard times for real music, now it takes more synthesized music and all that shit. that if it is scary in addition to the extra machist character that the music of today contains.

What drives a band that is not very well known and live on it to continue to play? the illusion, without a doubt, we are people of projects and we need illusion and motivation to have strength and continue doing interesting things. We are not the typical South-European consumerists, we like to live under our ideas and undertake on our own. We do not need as much luxury as we think the rest of Europeans need.

What is your pre-show ritual? I usually smoke a joint of green and have a beer, I suppose to calm the nerves. But the real ritual is to get everyone out of the dressing room and be alone and warm up or quietly practice difficult parts.

How many people usually come to your gig? There is a lot of difference between different places and moments. the normal is between 50 and 400.

Where do you sleep when you're going on tour? Usually they put us rooms of hotel or sometimes in places enabled so that the musicians can sleep and sometimes even in the same place.

Tell us about your upcoming shows and why we should be there? now we only have a few loose dates in summer and it is because we are working on another album but if there is any reason why going to see Gudazaleak is something that you can only know by watching it. It is a very intense band live and we can notice that we got very well to the people.

What do you think of that they go to download music from the internet instead of buying records? I do not think any of us like to say what is right or wrong, if you do not have money to pay for records, it's not a bad thing that you resort to that, we put our music on YouTube so that anyone can listen to it without paying and that's good for the band and for the listener. Maybe that has something to do with our anti-capitalist mentality! 

What is your outlook on the record industry today? I honestly believe that it is rotten. For a long time now it has been submitted to the control of economic entities that direct them with a criterion that does not favor anyone but them: (money).

When you do a song where are you going/what inspires your music? my inspiration is very variable. I can write about experiences lived half an hour before or about a news that has left a mark on me but it is always with my heart and sometimes with something of anger.

What's the best and worst of playing clubs? They treat us very well in all the places we are going to play but without a doubt we sometimes accuse a level of precariousness in some equipment and live rooms that it does not seem easy to overcome once you are on stage. We know that in the area where we live there is a good level in general but we love playing for locals that are starting and creating a name and that sometimes has its cons.

What are your plans for the future? our plan is to continue creating good music and reach as many people as we can. we love what we do and we're fucking happy doing this.

What are the main obstacles for the band? The biggest obstacle is the lack of means like all groups when they start. We have great equipment and instruments but the truth is that this is not everything. We need access to advertising platforms and things that make us enter the game. This is a very ungrateful business in that aspect, since you can not pretend to make money or even recover the investment but as it is our way of living we have no other options than to be prey to this rotten musical system.

What advice would you give to other bands? Believe in you and do not stop working hard never because every day you lose is one step more to your failure.

Do you have anything to add? Yes, we thank you that you have been interested in Gudazaleak!

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