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Have any of you played in other bands? 
Alex-Tripwire, Rectal Abortion, Playset Cowboy, Pigfoot  
Grundel- KurbKick, Old No. 7, Muff. 
Mulch- Corruption, Muff, GlassJoe 
Malone- fuckwagon.  
How is it that you started playing music? 
Alex-being bored with nothing to do.  
Mulch- it all started with a casio rapmaster for me.  
Malone- I started ripping bass about 6 years ago. I had a left handed bass that was restrung for righties, a shitty amp, and tons of free time. 
Grundel: I started plying the drums about 8 years old. My old man was a drummer when he was young so we had the equipment. Then I switched to guitar at the age of 11 when I heard Slayer’s Seasons in the Abyss. 
What are your names? / Who plays what? / How old are you? Alex-vocals-31  Grundel-guitar/vocals-35 Malone-bass-36 Mulch-drums-36 
Have you had other previous members? Sometimes the pizza guy sits in.  
Did you make music even when you were young? 
Mulch- yeah when I was a kid I played trumpet and piano loud and shitty. My friend Roy and I eventually turned that trumpet into a bowl years later and we smoked out of the spitvalve.  My parents were cool enough to get me a drumset around 12.  
Grundle- Yup started at 8 
Alex-my parents got me a guitar when I was in 5th grade and I lost interest fast. My brother got me a pa when I was 6th grade and have been singing in bands ever since.  
Malone- I tried playing guitar when I was younger but I fucking sucked. I was more into listening to music. 
Where are you from? We are from northeast Pennsylvania-USA. A small town North of Philly, filled with cornfields, rednecks, and an adult bookstore.  
What year did the band form? 2013 
What's your style of genre? Sludge/doom/Stonerrock /Hoagie Metal 
What inspires you? 
Grundle= Huskies, bbq, music and the outdoors is all I need. 
Mulch- Pizza and good weed..  
Alex -pretty basic for me I just wanna play shows because it’s fun and I get to party with my friends.  Yeakel batman buhman  
Malone- Inspired by the riff. Playing live shows rules and I dig talking to people about our music as well as other music
How often and where do you reherse? We rehearse in Grundels basement in Allentown, PA. Since we all work fulltime shitty jobs we dont get to practice as much as wed all like to, but if we can practice 2-3 times a month that seems to work out.  
How have you developed since you started with the music? 
Mulch- I sold all my drums when i went to college cuz i needed money so i hadnt even picked up drumsticks for over 10 years prior to starting this band. But ever since i bought my own kit and began practicing steadily at home, i have definitely gotten more better playing and more importantly ive built up my stamina so now I can actually get through an hour show without my fucking lungs collapsing.  
Alex- I feel like I’ve developed confidence which makes playing shows and writing music a lot more enjoyable. I feel like i have a better ear for good riffs or just the way a song flows. I think I’ve also figured out ways to keep my voice fresh and things not to do to blow it out 
Malone- I’ve definitely gotten better from jamming with Grundel. I would come up with stuff That wasn’t correct musically and he would correct my mistakes. I also didn’t know how to structure songs and he was able to help me get a grasp on that. Mostly now I’ve just been comfortable playing in front of people. I believe in our tunes so playing out has become more fun.
Do you have other interests of work outside the band?
Mulch- I work in the film industry as a cameraman or gaffer/grip and have written/produced a bunch of indie films and music videos. I also enjoy traditional wood smoked barbecue and started a small catering company doing that. 
alex- I’m electrician by trade and i fucking hate it haha. I kayak, snowboard, ride four-wheelers, hit bongs and bongos, play street hockey , and like see as much live music as I can. And I’m a pizza junkie.  
Malone-My interests outside of the band are simple, I like doing nothing. Just sitting on my fat ass and watching tv. Family and work get busy so Highburnator is the only hobby I need. Plus getting boozed up. I dig consuming alcohol. 
Grundel- Huskies, bbq, music and the outdoors is all I need. 
Are you looking for a booking agency, and what are your thoughts around that? Having a booking agency would be helpful, its a pain in the ass to setup/book your own shows where we live, but were also not available everyday of the week to play which makes it a bit more challenging. Were good playing as much as we do and we’re always down to rip with any  bands that come into town.  
Are you looking for a label, and what are your thoughts around that? We would love to work with a label that supports our type of music. It would really help partnering with others to help produce and distribute our tunes. Everything we do is DIY and we’ve been extremely lucky to have friends who are also great at recording & mixing usReginald Space at boat rock productions has helped us immensely. Alan Douches from West West Side Music mastered our last EP and he was cool to work with. Were also lucky as shit to have Grundels brother-BigPig-draw us some killer artwork.      Plus we’d really be into doing a split with some other bands, getting our stuff out to some different audiences and definitely in different formats, we could use some help with that. Working with a label would be great, but were not holding our breath.
What made you decide to make this music? 
Mulch- we just jammed and this type of music just came naturally. I think you can hear our influences pretty clearly in our tunes. For me I can always hear little bits of Bongzilla, Neurosis, Fumanchu, Eyehategod, Cavity throughout all our songs and that’s cool, I love all those bands. 
Alex- we’ll I came into the band last. These guys already had some songs without lyrics and they were getting ready to get into the studio to record them. So I kinda came in on the fly to see if I could get some vocals on the recording and if it sounded good they would keep it.i wanted to do something that was heavy but catchy and also use what I think is my best style of vocals ( death metal style) I was thinking clutch hits six feet under and suffocation and we came up with egg roll cemetary. That was our first song and still my favorite. But I don’t think we decided to go sound like this. We just play the only may we know how to.  
Malone- One of the main reason I started doing this is when I realized how much fun bands were having when they played live. I wanted to be a part of that. I don’t care if it’s one person or one thousand people, playing live shows is the best experience I can think of.  
What are your songs about? The basics; chicks, food, drugs, splitting from the cops, being pissed, fishing, burning, tripping, family, friends, life experiences ( mostly tripping) Haha, a primus show, and some made up story telling  
Who does the composing and writes the lyrics? 
Alex does all of that. Well throw ideas at him about what we think the song might be about but Alex definitely puts it all together. His lyrics are fucking great. He just sweeps it under the rug. Grundel also helps by doing backup vocs and screams on some tunes.  
Malone- In terms of composing, me and Grundel come up with a riff and bring it to practice. We help each other out in terms of arrangement. Alex smokes blunts on the couch and kind of takes it all in. Then he starts writing. We base our counts and tempo on his lyrics. If he got more to growl, we play longer. Once the song has a basic layout we tweek it from there. We just make Grundel play solos regardless if he wants to. I would just play the same riff for 30 minutes with him ripping a solo. 
Do you start with the music or the lyrics? Typically the music, well practice and work on some riffs and as the song come together Alex starts getting an idea for lyrics-usually about splitting from the cops on acid or going to a chinese buffet.  
Do you compose in a certain inviroment? Mainly a dank moldy basement.  
Have you done any covers live? Mulch- No covers yet. It took us a year to finally settle on a name, we prob wont ever be able to agree on a cover song. Although im quite partial to doing a howling wolf tune or janet jackson.  
What language do you sing in? Old English 800.  
What are the least and most people to attend one of your gigs?  
Shittiest show was in philly with Telekinetic Yeti- the organizer screwed us over by moving our show from the 7pm slot to the 11pm slot. It was hot as fuck and we played to 3 people including a confused skeleton. We threw shaky bones a tshirt and split. 
Our Best show was prob close to 80 people at “From Spliff to Riff Fest”.  
What ages are most of your concert attendants? 20-50 
Do you always play the same songs live, or do you vary? Alex- We have a core of songs we always play maybe one or two would be different but always arranged differently  
Do you have a regular place you play live often?
Mulch- Weve played most often at a venue called The alternative Gallery in Allentown. Hopefully well be able to play outside of our area more- Im very much interested in playing live to different crowds that would be into our music. Its a pain in the ass hauling shit around but thats the gig I think its cool as shit playing to strangers whove never heard of us and having them dig it.  
Alex - we play about 5-6 shows a year and most are at our go to spot the alternative art gallery but we always end up playing some weird club that smells like a diaper. 
What was your first gig like? Mulch-  It was at this place called the mune which is in the middle of nowhere in this dudes basement, but it’s actuallya real decent setup and the dude Brion was cool as shit. Alex actually passed out while screaming  on one of the songs and I was so fired up that i broke everyone of my sticks after the first song, i was fucked- luckily the drummer from another band- i think pink hex-saved my ass and gave me some sticks. Theres video on youtube of a few songs- funny watching it now how differently we play. It was a good rip- loud!  
What was your latest gig? We played in October at from spliff to riff fest with Green Meteor, lord crow, Solace and some other badass bands. It was a cool show, despite our audio samples not working. Solace was great to see live.  
Alex: Soon to be on YouTube!!!!!! Mulch- maybe fartTube. 
Have you had to cancel a gig? Weve never had to cancel thankfully, weve had to turn down a few cool gigs cuz of work and shit but never had to cancel. Work sucks.  
Where have you played live this year? Philly, stroudsburg, all places around northeast pa. 
Where do you plan to gig the comming year? Wherever, we have a gig in Maryland lined up. hopefully we get to rip with some cool weird bands in strange places to strange people.  
When did you start to sell merchandise, and what do you have for sale? We started to sell merch last year. We almost always have artwork for sale as well as tshirts, stickers, and some beer coozies. Hope to have some official Highburnator lighters coming out as well as fuzzy toilet bowl covers. Our merch is only avail at our shows now, even though its easy as shit to setup online sales, were lazy and like it as an added bonus for people to come out to the shows as well.  
Where can people buy your merchandise? At our shows. If you really want something just drop us a line on facebook or instagram and malone will personally hand deliver merch to your place of business or residence anywhere on earth within 24 hours. 
What do you think about people downloading music instead of buying records now a days?  Mulch- i think its great. Ive found more badass music and artwork in the last decade than i ever would have in my lifetime. There is so much kickass music from everywhere on earth that is avail to discover, listen to and download. Of course theres also a ton of shit garbage out there as well, but I think it’s easier to tell more quickly now if somebody is a tool or not. If youre going to see a show and wanna look up the openers-done- you can tell in 5 minutes whether youre gettin there early or havin another smoke outside and waiting for the headliner. I guess what I do miss is the cool physical artwork/linernotes/extras that typically come with vinyl or cassette/cd. But I for one absolutely love the convenience and selection of digital,  plus being able to communicate directly to other bands.  
How do you think the music industry have changed because of this? Mulch- Its a whole new beast. Still shady players and douchebags but thats in anything. Again, the benefit is tons of convenient options for consumption and the ability to be heard/seen anywhere in the world-typically for free. Plus all profits can go directly in the artists pockets. The issue is labels arent as huge as they used to be-therefore there arent as many sublabels signing bands and really getting behind those bands and promoting them- indie labels are great, i just wish there were more. But fuck it. Do it yourself- like anything its the only way to do it right, have full control over your work and not let anyone dick with it.  
What do you think of my work? Don’t know much of it but I’m gonna check it out now 
How do you think and know that this interview will help you in the music business? Mulch- I dont know if it will or not, i just think its cool some head in Sweden is interested in some jerks in a stoned sludgeband from PA. I always like reading interviews of bands i know very little about and i dig it. Find out whos a fuckin jerkoff and whos cool.  
Do you have any role models or idols? 
Mulch- i really dont have any role models. Lemmy was pretty fucking awesome in his own right. As far as drummers go,  I find bill ward and bonham to be 2 of the most legendary drummers in my opinion- completely kicked the shit out of their sets and pulled off some incredible jams while being high and drunk as shit- not as easy as you’d think.      Currently, i am always in awe of seeing/hearing Coady Willis from Big Business and the legendary Dale Crover of the Melvins- i think they are two of the absolute best drummers alive and playing today, along with Des Kensel of high on fire-that dude destroys. I just watched a documentary on the band Karp and that drummer was a fucking maniac as well, so good, too bad he died.  
Alex- Greg allman. Chris Barnes .lane Stanley . Frank Mullen. Jerry Garcia.  
Malone- I don’t really idolize anyone in particular but there are bands that definitely shaped how I play music. -16- is a band that plays straight to your face tunes. Their lyrics are about how life fucking sucks.   No bullshit. Bongzilla I believe are masters of the riff. I do idolize Slayers “Divine Intervention.”  I would love to be able to play shit like that. That’s music for destroying everything.     
Why do you think that they exist? because their parents fucked-hard. 
Is it easier to find inspiration from older bands, or bands that are more active today? 
Mulch- good question. My personal opinion is that you need to always look to the originals in order to better understand what youre doing today. I can sit and listen to nazareth- hair of the dog or howling wolf or Floyd or Sabbath and that shit still blows my fuckin mind how great those are and they are 40, hell, 60 years old. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean dwell on the past, because lets face it even the legends have some shitty songs- i cant stand “changes” by sabbath-but thats prob just the coke comin through.      However, i will say talent wise, modern music is so fucking good- maybe better than ever- ya just gotta search it out. So many bands these days are freaking killin it.  Russian circles, Elder, Youngblood Supercult, Belzebong, all these bands just killing it with their own sound. For me, bands like Eyehategod, Sleep, High on fire, neurosis, melvins, big business, these bands really do it for me-in my opinion these bands have never sounded better and have just absolutely perfected and hardened their sound.  These are the more modern bands that i can find something from.  
Malone- It’s definitely easier to take inspiration from active bands for me. Bongzilla, Cavity, 16-, Bongripper, and Iron Monkey. But sometimes a riff will develop after listening to James Gang. 
What have been your biggest obstacles? Time and Money 
What advice would you give other bands or artists? 
Mulch: I don’t think we should be giving advice to anybody but I guess it would be Practice as much as possible. Keep getting weirder- who gives a shit, play what you want. Most importantly - Dont be a douchebag!!! were all hauling the same shit gear in and hauling it back.  Dont pretend to be fuckin big time- youre not. guess that goes for any artist in general. Except steven segal.  
Grundle- Just keep it real play what you feel and people will listen. the true soul of music lies in the underground 
How do you get psyched for a gig? 
Mulch- redbull, a good food plow, doobs and some beers.  
Grundle- good food, ganja and brews 
Alex- I’m always over hyped so pumped that I have to try to burn and chill out relax and fool around play jokes to pass time till we play.  
Do you have any new material? 
Yup. Working on 2 new songs now- Get Off My Lawn and Hash Wednesday.  
Grundle- too many riffs packed in my head got to get them out 
Alex-  All kinds of stuff in the works. Fart broth . space rig . Can’t wait till we have time to finish em 
What are your web sites? Were on facebook and instagram. We also support and pizzahut online delivery. 
How can people reach you? Drop us a line on facebook or email us at 
What are your plans for the future? 
Grundle- I plan to keep ripping Highburnator keep that beastplowing. Hopefully get on some good gigs meet people and spread beyond the Pa border.  
Mulch- hope to keep ripping highburnator as long as possible. My side project GlassJoe just released a new album “furniture” avail for free on bandcamp.     Im also working on another side project, DrugPool, which has a bunch of different musiciansheavy experimental lasagna blues. I also plan on eating my weight in pizza in 2018.  
Alex -  I’m  a loser I don’t plan for anything 
Do you have something to add? 
Mulch- kill your boss.  
Alex- Don’t fuck with a Muski 
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