interview med BATTLERAGE

What is the name of your band? BATTLERAGE
Name of the band-members? Fox-Lin Torres, Nicolás Arce, Felipe Vuletich and Francisco Vera.
Where did you grow up? In Santiago de Chile
How old are you? I’m 36 years old
Who started the band? I did, back in 2002
Where have you played 2012/2013? 2012 we played almost entirely in clubs in Santiago. 2013 We have played in Santiago, Temuco and Valparaiso.
Where can people se you? We play mostly in Santiago, where we live, but sometimes we go and play in other cities in Chile.
Do you have a web-site? Just our facebook page.
What is the name of your best song? For me our best songs are “By Steel I Reign Supreme”, “Black Riders of Destruction”, “Battlerage”, “In Blood You’ll Pay”, “Die By The Power of The Axe” and “The Serpent Slumbers”.

Who plays what?
Fox-Lin Torres: Vocals
Nicolás Arce: Guitar
Felipe Vuletich: Bass
Francisco Vera: Drums

What kind of music are you into? Mainly Heavy Metal and Doom Metal, some old school (80’s) Death, Thrash, Speed and Black Metal (no gothic, forest worshipping bullshit), Original Sound Tracks mainly from Italian horror movies and epic movies also, and some classic 60’s – 70’s rock, some stoner rock as well.
Have you been on tour this summer? No
Do you have a planed tour anytime soon? Not for now, we’ll see in the future.
Who came up with the band name? I did.
Who writes the songs? I write the 90% of the music and lyrics.
What song do you play the most? “By Steel I Reign Supreme” has been played live since our debut back in 2003. We have never put this song aside , and we won’t.
Do you play the same songs each performance? We play a set of the most classic songs, and put some other new songs for the mix.
Have you realesed a album or single?
 Yes, we have 2 demos, 3 albums, 1 Ep, and 1 Live Tape.
Are you working on any new songs? Yes, we are working in 8 new songs for our upcoming new 2013 album.