interview with DESECRATE

Have any of you played in otherbands?
Oğuz Bulgurlular: Obstinacy
Akcan Ergin : Obstinacy
Oktay Demirci : Dawnguard
Vahit Tanık : Obstinacy/Vangeful Ghoul
Batuhan Bulgurlular : Potans
What are your names? / Who playswhat? / How old are you?
Oğuz Bulgurlular - Guitars
Batuhan Bulgurlular- Guitars
Vahit Tanık - Bass
Akcan Ergin - Drums
Oktay Demirci - Vocals
Have you had other previousmembers? It is really hard question. We worked with lots of musicians by the way Akcan and Oğuz playingtogether for 15 years.
Where are you from? We are from Istanbul/Turkey
What year did the band form? 2005
What's your style of genre? Melodic death metal
What inspires you? the system in the world is enslaving people. Theinjustices you see around you, the mistakespeople make for each other, the broken hearts, the hopeless hopes, the starvation, the misery, the pain. and we are trying to tell their results tothe same people with strong music. our sourceof inspiration is this life itself.
How often and where do youreherse? We do 3-4 studio rehearsals per month.
How have you developed since youstarted with the music? When we started the music, it was not so easyto reach every source. we developed bycommunicating with an individual musician andpracticing in a plentiful home. and we are stillimproving.
Do you have other interests of workoutside the band? Some of us are engineers, businessowners, flight attendants.
Are you looking for a label, and whatare your thoughts around that? We do what we need in our country. But of course we need a label company to do international sales and distribution. We makethe necessary ads through social media. Working with a professional company will beperfect.
What are your songs about? Life, pain, historical wars, hopelessness, love, personal disasters....
Who does the composing and writesthe lyrics? Akcan Ergin & Oğuz Bulgurlular
Do you start with the music or thelyrics? At different times; Lyrics are written. Music is composed. Later, the songs that areappropriate for that music are selected.
Have you done any covers live?
In flames, At the gates,Amon Amarth, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Bloodbath....
Usually We play our songs + 2 cover songs
What language do you sing in? In English. Because we trying to reach allaround the world.
What ages are most of your concertattendants? 18-45
Do you have a regular place you playlive often? we perform our music on festivals andorganisations.
What was your first gig like? you can never forget your first time. That wasawsome. The crowd was perfect. Every moment you meet with the listeners is perfect.
Have you had to cancel a gig? one day when we will on our way to concerthall, we called our vocal and he said : i quit fromthe band and i am on vacation. So we cancelledit.
Where have you played live thisyear? n 2018 we started recording as an album''Schizophrenia''. Our performance willbegin only after 15.06.18.
When did you start to sellmerchandise, and what do you havefor sale? We are selling T-Shirts, Sweat-shirts,Hoodiesetc.
Where can people buy yourmerchandise? They can order on our facebook page
What do you think about peopledownloading music instead of buying records now a days? usually all we are using the social media toreach songs. So we are on-line on spotify, apple music, deezer and other social platforms. But we think  very important to be a hard copyowner.
How do you think the music industryhave changed because of this? When you released your album only hard copyformat, it is really hard to publish it all aroundthe world. So we can say new on-line system is good but if you want to do self-promotion thatcan be expensive.
What do you think of my work? Great.
How do you think and know that thisinterview will help you in the musicbusiness? You are doing your work seriously. So you havefollowers. When you publish this interview on your blog your followers will listen our music on social platforms. We can reach them via yourblog. Thank you for this opportunity
Is it easier to find inspiration fromolder bands, or bands that are moreactive today? Who are legends and keeping working today.We are so sad Slayer's decision.
What have been your biggestobstacles? You are making a music for people who can think like you. If people are constantlycriticizing you, it is a good thing indeed. But ifthey are doing it just to criticize it, the result is disastrous.
What advice would you give otherbands or artists? We have been working with a lot of musicianssince this band was founded in 2005. Everymusician's departure broke the moralism as well as the operation of the system. However, we continued to look for musicians who wouldnot disturb the stability and today we arereleasing new album on June 15, we arerecommended to other musicians, insist on making music whatever happen. insistence andstubbornness are the most importantprinciples.
Do you have any new material? We will release new album '' Schizophrenia'' on 15.06.18
What are your web sites?
instagram : desecrateofficial_
How can people reach you?
instagram : desecrateofficial_
and members facebook profiles
What are your plans for the future? Making music till the day we gonna die
Do you have something to add?
Keep Rocking, keep listening music, Supportyour liked music bands
And listen good music which one can describesyour feelings. Don't listen music whichperformed by laptops.