interview with Shockmaster

What is the name of your band? Shockmaster 

What does the name "Shockmaster" stand for? Thought you didn't know what our name was? 

What made you call the band "Shockmaster"? Named after a wrestler who fell on his face while making his grand debut. 

How was the band formed? Manufactured. 

What made you form the band? Peer pressure, everyone else was doing it. 

Can you briefly introduce your band and who you are? We are Shockmaster, a band from Watford. 

Where are all bandmembers from? Who does what in the band? Watford really. We all play synth. 

What was the ambitions of the band when you started? Same as now. Nothing. Just make music that we like. 

Could you explain your music to someone that haven't heard you? Erm... Epifat punk rock! Licks. Hooks. Hits.

Where was your first gig? Watford 

Where was the latest gig? Southampton with Lemuria 

Who writes your songs?/Who writes the music who writes lyrics? We all play synth. 

Who has the best since of humor in the band? Definitely me. 

What's good/bad with the band? What genre do you feel you are? There is nothing bad. Everything is good. Punk rock? 

Why did you pick that particular style? What are your songs about? It's what I've always played and just roped in the others to cover my back and be gnar and rad and awesome. 

Do you write your own material or mainly covers? Mainly covers. 

Do you have any clips on YouTube? I imagine so. ShockmasterUK 

How old are you?/What got you started in music? I'm 12 and it was hearing Bach on the wireless that got me into it. 

At what age did you start playing? 13.

How old were you guys when you first stood on stage? 14. 

What year was the band started? 15. 

How old were you the first time you saw a liveband play? 16.

How old were you at your first gig? Best/worst gig you've played? 17. Best was Woodstock, worst was T in the Park. 

What places will you be playing in in the imidate future? Bedroom. 

Where have you played from then till now? Bedroom. 

What songs are in your live set's? All of them. 

Is it always the same set's live? Yep, see us once, no point seeing us again. Same thing EVERY time. 

What has been the best/most promising gig so far? Most promising gig was when we were offered £30,000 to support AC/DC on a canal barge. 

How big crowds do you usually play for? About 18 people. 

What are the plans for the rest of the year? Finish our album. 

Where do you usually play? Bedroom. 

How do you get psyched up for a gig? We scream into the mirror and punch ourselves in the face. 

What are your goals with your music? Be millionaires from writing 40 second punk songs. 

When did you decide to go all in for the music? Upon receipt of this email. 

Is it easier to get your inspiration from older bands or from bands more modern? Old is cool, but new is cool too, so it's a question of deciding what everyone else thinks is cooler. 

What are your sources of inspiration? Mineral water, smoking and selfunemployment. 

What's the first step when making a new song? Create the universe. 

How do you feel about the downloading of music instead of buying albums? I'm more Ulrich in ethics but MC Lars in practise. 

What would be your dreams for the band? I dream we will win the lottery. 

Besides your own music, what genres and bands do you listen to? Mainly Sisqo. 

What do you hold most dear?MY IPOD AND MY FAMILY 

What would be your greatest fears for the future? Nuclear holocaust. 

When you are on stage, what do you fear most then? Being ambushed. 

What songs and what years were they released? All songs 2013.

Have you been part of any other projects? I was Bill Sykes in a stage production of Oliver. 

Have you been in any other bands? Yeah loads. 

What would you do if there was no music? Other things I suppose. 

How important are your fans? Not important at all, if they stop liking it we get new ones. 

What's the funniest/most memorable thing a fan has done for you? Come to our shows more than once. 

How often do you rehearse? Every day. 

Where do you rehearse? In the bin. 

What do you feel is the best liveband you've seen? Bon Jovi. 

What drives a band that isn't all that famous and renowned to try to make a living on their music and to keep playing? Interviews like this 

Do you have any webpages? 

Any pearls of wisdom for all other bands out there? Sell out instantly. 

Would you like to add anything else? Sell out instantly and forget your morals and ethics instantly. Never DIY. DDIY. Don't do it yourself. You're probably shit at it. 

Describe your show, visually and musically It's like a band, playing songs, but slightly worse than you're imagining. 

How do you view the musicindurty of today? Nonsense. Brilliant. Contradictory. Sinking and clueless? I don't know.

What advice would you like to give other bands? Sell out instantly.

What are the biggest obstacles for a band? Upstairs load-ins, no vegetarian option, expensive food at service stations. 

What is best/worst with playing the clubs? The VIP booths full of Veuve Clicquot and Grey Goose.

Tell us about upcomming gigs and why we should be at them? Next weekend, because we're playing. 

How would you describe your sound in one sentence Nuhnuhhhnuhnuhhhhnuhnuhnuhhhhnuhdugadugadugaduga OOOHHH EVERYTHIIIING IS GONNA BEEE PIZZA COOL. 

What is your favorite crappy instrument? My bass.

What was one of the most quarrelsome times for you in the band? We once didn't know what to do and so argued for hours and almost killed each other. 

Whats your Pre-show ritual? Tiger rodeo.