interview with Oblivious Signal

What´s the name off band? Oblivious Signal - Jason Talley Drums, Nick Orisino guitars, Cristina Feliciano Vocalist, Greg Andrews Bass 

Who started the band? Nick and Jason started the band. Jason worked with Nick's dad which informed Nick plays guitar, and they jammed and have been together ever since.

Tell us a brief introduction of who you are? Oblivious Signal is a Female fronted hard rock band from Fort Lauderdale, FL. What was the plan when you started the band? Fullfill the dream of being on MTV at the time. To be more like the artists we listened to and play in front of big crowds and have them rock out to our music.

Who writes the songs? / Who does the music? Jason, Nick and Greg work on the compositions, and then Cristina comes in and works on lyrics and melodies. We then work on minor changes through the composition. 

Who has the best humor? Jason aka The Talleywhacker. 

Good and bad sides of the band? Good thing is everyone is like a family, you fight but love each other at the end of the day. The bad thing about being in a band is coordinating everyone's schedules and dealing with different personalities.

What you drive for music style? We wanted to do something different that is different that can't be compared too much to other artists or genres. We wanted to create our own niche. 

What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Life experiences and situations people can relate to. We want to be able to reach out to different lifestyles and different situations in people's lives.

Do you own songs or covers? We are an original project.

Have you released any album or single? We released a self titled demo in 2008, a full album "Into the Night" in 2010 and singles all throughout 2013.

Have you done any music videos? We have our music video for our release "Inflicted shame" and are in the process of filming our second video for our release of the single "Crash"

How old were you when you started with music? We have all done music since we were in our mid teens. 

When did you decide to focus on the music? We all got serious about it about 6 years ago with this project Oblivious Signal. 

How has your music evolved since you began playing music together? We used to be very metal now we have shifted to a hard rock approach that can be more relatable. 

What record do you work with? We are self managed and work under the OS Records label name.  Describe your show , visual and musically: You would have to check us out, it's hard to describe. It's just a lot of energy and head banging. 

What are your two big favorite songs you done? We all have different opinions of that as a band, but we do like The Nameless from our album "Into the Night" and our new single "Crash".

Have you had any previous bands? We all came from different projects in the past. Jason was in a metal band called Furax, Nick was in a metal band Borderline Pathetic, Greg was in a reggae band and Cristina was in a melodic progressive metal band called Altered Wills.  What do you do besides the band and the music? We work, go to the gym, play video games, go to the beach and hang out. 

How important are your fans? Without fans there would be no music. We would have no where to play. So our fans are very important to us.  What is the funniest thing a fan did for you? Fall of the stage while we were playing.

How old were you at your first concert you saw? We were all different ages but pretty young...maybe mid teens. 

How old were you at your first gig? We were all in high school.

Besides your music style you play what do you like the music still enjoy listening to? Nick likes classic rock and metal. Jason and Cristina both have an eclectic taste, and like mostly everything...Jason with the exception of country and of course his love of hardcore. Greg listens to pretty much everything as well. We are pretty versatile. 

What is the biggest fear when you go onstage? Messing up and forgetting parts to a song. Which has happened before. 

What drives a band that is not very well known and live on it to continue to play? Every time we play an awesome show with all the local fans and they have all that energy...that is what motivates us to keep playing. 

Do you always the same songs live or vary it? We always try to mix our set around to keep things exciting. 

What countries have you played in? USA

What is your pre-show ritual? Shots and drinks. 

Best / worst performed gig? Worst performed gigs include any gig that has had bad sound or did not have capabilities for all our equipment. 

Have you toured somewhat over the years 2007 to 2013? Yes, we have gone to California and back to Florida.

Where do you sleep when you're going on tour? Motels, or any place that will take us. 

Where do you plan to play the rest of the year? Regionally and nationally in the USA. 

What do you think of that they go to download music from the internet instead of buying records? Well think about it this costs minimum $10,000 to do an album...then someone steals's not much of a gain for the artist who also spends a lot of money on instruments and practice. 

How would you describe your sound in one sentence? Hard Rock with catchy riffs and melodies. 

What is the first step to a new song? recording ideas for riffs.

What image do you think your music conveys? Hopeful

What are your web pages?

What inspires you? Other major bands and the desire to play across the world and share our music like they do. 

Is it easier to draw inspiration from older bands than the bands that are active today? Yes. Old bands were the pioneers of some of the genres we are influenced by...they dared to be different. 

What advice would you give to other bands? Keep doing what you love to do and don't let anyone tell you different.