interview with Gimmi "Hannibal" D'Annibale

Have any of you played in other bands?
Yes, I' ve always been the youngest member in my bands, my first band since 2010 was "Dangerous Revolution"; we started our first Experience through a music contest which we won, But at beginning we had not a singer (drum, guitar, bass), so my role was both solistic guitar, rhythmic guitar and Everything that Could make sound more solid. 
Then I've played in my favourite band: Madfringe. With Madfringe I've written more songs and played in more concert, we recorded a Demo with 5 hard rock songs written by me. 
The Next band was an acoustic duo, until today: I'm playing with an Indie rock band and I'm recording a solistic album (Steve Vai style) and a Pop rock album where I only write songs and lyrics, Singer is a master.
In my opinion the most important thing in music is the Experience.
How is it that you started playing music? Oh, Nice memories, I remember the first time I heard a Rock band, 10/11 years ago, it was enlightening! The band I heard was Guns N' Roses, then it became my favourite band and I started to Buy every their album.
So as time passes I made a question to myself: " Why I just have to listen to music when I can learn to play it?"
What are your names?/ Who plays that?/How old are you?
My Name's Gianmarco D'Annibale, But in music is Gimmi D'Annibale, simply abbreviated; friends call me "Hannibal".
I'm 20 years old, I play guitar since 2007 (10 years ago).
Where are you from? I'm from Montecatini Terme, near Florence, in Italy.
What's your style of genre? My style is based on a Blues Rock influence, Although I've played in Hard Rock band.
But my style is a fusion of every single song I've heard, from blues rock to        Nu-Metal. 
Recently I've Discovered that I've a natural effortless trend to Funky style, without a real reason; my teacher call it innatural talent, But I don't actually Understand!   
What inspires you?
I write songs and lyrics in every moment of day, "inspiration" is a word which include Everything, from a Song you love to an embrace with girl you love.
For me it's everywhere, sometimes I path to the Hills finding Something that gives me an incredible Sense of Peace.
But the perfect inspiration is located in memories, because as time passes they disappear, But only through music I can stop the time at an istant that I would revive forever. 
How often and where do you reherse? When I Have enough time I play guitar 2-3 hours a day, with band one time a week, But the Very important thing is what are you Thinking.
Playing an instrument is only the pratical part of the set of ideas that you develop in your head. 
How have you developed since you started with the music?
Oh great question!
Music is an instable world, my first years with guitar were only imitation of my favourite bands and guitarists, then I started to make a personal sound.
My tastes moved on virtuosity, for example Satriani, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan..
Until the Last few years: my way of seeing has changed.
I Think that virtuosity is a beautiful world, But it's mainly the result of an exaggerated study, a thing that they all achieve with dedication.
I also thing that in music continues who can give something unique, that you don't get with study: so I'm dedicating my time to songwriter. 
Are you looking for a label,  and what are you thoughts around that? No, I'm working for my Project, an album based only on passion. Later it can also give fruit to professional levels but it isn't my purpose; a Label Could be a future way.
What made you decide to make this music?  The only purpose is to Tell a story, something that brings the listener to memories or emotions.
Why does a Song remain imprinted? Surely there’s something that goes beyond simple notes, which leaves you the sign 
What are your songs about?
My songs are based on Feelings, they aren't written rationally.
Stories are narrated through memories, rage, ideals, Feelings.
"Songs" it's only a word to define another world created on the base of ourselves.
So if we are happy, our songs change, if we are Sad,  our songs change.. 
A Song it's a Mirror of our moods! 
Do you start with music or lyrics? I started with music, But lyrics were a simple consequence
Do you compose in a certain environment? I often compose in my room, But when I write songs, it's as if walls disappear. Through music I can travel wherever I want, it's fantastic. 
What language do you sign in? I principally write my songs  in italian  (my language), But I often write in English. 
What ages are most of your concert attendants? They are guys, But also adults,  there’s not a real target. Music is simply for the listener!
What was your first gig live? Ten years ago, when I started to play guitar, my first live was the concert of my  guitar essay. I played "Knocking on heaven's door" of Guns N' Roses (the solo part) and my first song based on improvisation, that Now has become an integral part of my album, it's a storic song!  
Where have you played live this year?
I don't remember Very well, because from a year to this part I change way to see.
With my Last band I play in more concert, won contest and recording, But in my opinion playing in little concert in local pub is a frivolous satisfaction. 
Because at my age we can designing future with studying, we can designing a music career.
It's hard for me to see others play in concerts while I 'm studying in my room, But I know I'll have a rematch!
When did you start to sell merchandise, and what do you have for sale? I'll start to sell merchandise Next year, when my album will be ready, But 2 years ago I started to make my page on Instagram and Facebook and I am satisfied! 13k followers on Instagram are Very important for me.
I graduated in advertising graphics and this helps me for the studying of my image.
What do you thing about people downloading music instead of buying records Nowadays? It's the world, a continual change, like music, like ways of thinking, we must follow this change.
Positive or negative it's reality, will go ahead who will adapt better to future!
What do you think of my work? I Think that it's a decent work, you give people the opportunity to Say their own idea and share it, is really great to be heard in a reality where you only to Say
How do you think and know that this interview will help you in the music business? In my opinion this interview will be a chance to be heard, to heard a voice of a boy that believe in his dream.
Do you have any role models or idols? My idols are Steve Vai for expression through guitar, Guthrie Govan for virtuosity, Corey Taylor and Marilyn Manson for Freedom to Say what you think, Axl Rose, M. Shadow, Chester Bennington for Lyrics.
Is it easier to Find inspiration from older bands, or bands that are more active today? For me there isn't much difference,  if I hit a Song I don't think about author or its period.
There should be no bias, they are just limits that lead to being too Closed mentally. 
What have been your biggest ostacles? 
My biggest ostacles are present in every day, when I Think to my future an to music.
"Am I doing the right thing?" is the question.
So every day is a match against myself, But I can't do anything, my desire to play always win.
Do you have any new material? Oh yes, I'm working hard, this week I Have finished my first song based on guitar virtuosity and my first songwriter song will be published on you tube Next weeks!
What are your web sites? I dedicate a Lot to social, Facebook (with my page "Gimmi D'Annibale") and Instagram ( with my biggest Profile "Gimmi D'Annibale")
How can people reach you? People can reach me Through my Pages on Facebook and Instagram.
Do you have something to add? Yes, Thank you so much for opportunity and I Hope I Have given inspiration to those who chose music like me, I'll be happy to answer those who will want to contact me!