interview med All The Way To The Bank

What's your band? All The Way To The Bank
Your members names?
Brad Cook, Matt Mapes and myself Sauce Boss

How old are you?

Where do you come from?
Houston TX

What is your best song?
Hard to say... I like them all to be honest, but I'll go with either "Transmogrified" or "Captured Flesh" from our new album.

Do your band Play Your band play your own music or covers?
All of our own songs, we plan to cover a Dimmu Borgir song in the future for fun but never had covered anything before.

Have you ever released any CD or single? Well a EP "The Tetris Chainsaw Massacre" when we first formed.

Who has the best sense of humor?
All of us honestly, we are huge jokesters.. We never want to be that stereotypical serious metal band.

Who plays what? Matt Mapes sings, Brad Cook plays guitar and I sing as well.. For the moment once we release our album are looking for 3 other members to complete the lineup.

Do you have a website? The Facebook you contacted us on ;)

Where one can see your band?
Nowhere till the cd and lineup are finished, but when that happens Houston Tx. We will for sure tour at some point, just not sure when.

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