interview with Epicrenel


WHAT DOES THE NAME "EPICRENEL" STAND FOR? It doesn´t have any straight meaning as a word, but rather works as a small verbal riddle. Riddles are always welcomed in this genre of storytelling!

WHAT MADE YOU CALL THE BAND "EPICRENEL"? It is an enigmatic combination to reflect the basic essence of the theme and the meaning of the band. 

HOW WAS THE BAND FORMED? First I asked Jukka (bass) to join me in this project, then I managed to grab Christian Palin as the vocalist, and during the recording sessions with Chrism (keyboards) it became clear that he would be excellent player for Epicrenel so I lured him into as well, then I was lucky to have Emil (lead guitars) and Joonas (drums) on board as well. So the final line up was formed guite smoothly, and now we are ready and eager to spread this symphonic adventure metal on stage in near future! 

WHAT MADE YOU FORM THE BAND? I felt the need to compose and write exciting symphonic, yet in places eerie and cunning music with precise lyrics to create an adventurous feeling for the listener.

CAN YOU BRIEFLY INTRODUCE YOUR BAND AND WHO YOU ARE? We are young act as a band, but the members however are highly experienced with their instruments and besides delivering epic and majestic feeling, we like to challenge ourselves with tricky solo parts etc. 

WHAT WAS THE AMBITIONS OF THE BAND WHEN YOU STARTED? The goal was to give the listener goose bumps with the diverse songs and invite into and an exciting adventure. Touring is the next step after that. COULD YOU EXPLAIN YOUR MUSIC TO SOMEONE THAT HAVEN'T HEARD YOU? Epicrenel delivers higly melodic metal with lots of classical influences and challenging parts throughout the album, building the feeling all the way towards the end of the album with interesting storytelling. If you appreciate honest music done with great effort, here we are! The reviews have been great so check us out!

WHO WRITES YOUR SONGS?/ WHO WRITES THE MUSIC WHO WRITES LYRICS? I do all the composing and the lyrics, Epicrenel is an exeptional task since our theme demands the music and its lyrics to match perfectly, the only way to achieve this is to have a same guy doing both. But of course there are some polishing for the vocal lines, chord types etc. Emil and Chrism naturally express themselves with their solos, I may have some suggestions but it is all up to them. The solos on this album are total ear candy and worth mentioning!

WHO HAS THE BEST SINCE OF HUMOR IN THE BAND? As we all have different personalities, the mix of our crazy humour builds up to something which could be described as wicked! So no losers here, only winners haha!

WHY DID YOU PICK THAT PARTICULAR STYLE?/WHAT ARE YOUR SONGS ABOUT? This style gives me the best possibilities to create different parts with different feelings, from nasty riffs to extremely wide orchestral parts. Also the fantasy theme is always a good remedy to have a total freedom of thought, escapism is the name of the game here! Our songs form an adventurous middle age/fantasy based story which will continue on the second album as well, having the same characters in it, with some additions. To truly grab the listener into the story, we have a map where you can follow the trails of the warriors and let your imagination fly! The map is to be seen on the booklet, and on our website as well. 

DO YOU WRITE YOUR OWN MATERIAL OR MAINLY COVERS? The nature of Epicrenel would not work if we played covers, so even if they are fun to play, Epicrenel is not created for that.

HAVE YOU MADE ANY ALBUMS?/IF YES WHAT ARE THEY? We have released our debut album The Crystal Throne on March 2013 by Inverse Records, available worldwide. Support the cause and the artist, buy the physical album because only that format reflects the world of Epicrenel properly. >  > DO YOU HAVE ANY CLIPS ON YOUTUBE? Yes we have a promotional video available , but plan to shoot a new one next summer, also some videos made by the fans can be found.

HOW OLD ARE YOU?/WHAT GOT YOU STARTED IN MUSIC? No answer for that first one, it would make me feel I´m sooo old, though age is only numbers and like they say, you never get old in the rock´n roll world haha! Thanks to my family I have a musical background, so playing an instrument was a natural thing. Actually my first instrument was cello, that surely has an effect on my style of songwriting! 

AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING? I started playing cello at the age of 8, drums at 12 yrs, guitar playing started when I was 16.

WHAT PLACES WILL YOU BE PLAYING IN IN THE IMIDATE FUTURE? We plan to have a mini tour in Finland during the first quarter of 2014, hopefully doors get opened for playing abroad as well. I really hope to play in Sweden and Germany.

WHAT SONGS ARE IN YOUR LIVE SET'S? We will play mostly the straight power metalish songs, but couple twisted songs like The Fantoms´Grove, Guarding Fellhound and Walls Of The Cave are must on stage, the feeling in those songs is close to pretty kick ass level!  IS IT ALWAYS THE SAME SET'S LIVE? Basicly yes, we may try different combinations if needed.

WHAT ARE THE PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR? I am finishing the demo for the 2. album as we speak and composing the last two songs. So very interesting times are coming on the way because the songs are turning out to form a perfect sequel for the debut!

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS WITH YOUR MUSIC? The goal is to achieve the certain above mentioned things in the songs, and spreading the word amd gathering new fans, resulting in succesful live action. 

IS IT EASIER TO GET YOUR INSPIRATION FROM OLDER BANDS OR FROM BANDS MORE MODERN? There is always those first memories of the bands from the times when I was a teenager, so the favourite bands and albums made at that time give me great influence, but basicly, the new bands might give the ispiration as well.

WHAT ARE YOUR SOURCES OF INSPIRATION? Great movies with great filmscore, some happenings in daily life, walking in the nature.. I think that the best stuff seems to come out when I feel that things go smoothly in life. Of course sad times give some inspiration as well, but mainly it is the cheerful times. My motto for life is that "It´s not about the amount of good days, but rather the minimal amount of bad days". Also reading works well, I try to find the time to read some exciting books more in the future.

WHAT'S THE FIRST STEP WHEN MAKING A NEW SONG? It depends on the type of song I´m starting to work on, if it´s going to be a proud power metal hymn, I might start with a festive chorus. If I work on a gloomy ballad, It would be a different way of approach. Because of the theme of Epicrenel, I kind of work with the lyrics and music simultaneously, aiming to get them going perfectly hand to hand. The writing of music is a pleasant mystery. It is impossible to describe the process properly because these things tend to "pop out" from somewhere, all this being in my control however though, but there are some patterns that I have, and it is a combination of "planning" and "just let it fly" -situations. There are no borders between the two, I just have to steer myself in order to have that writing mode go on naturally. This might be the most exciting things in life, because whenever I feel that new music is coming, it feels relieving beyond anything else!

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE DOWNLOADING OF MUSIC INSTEAD OF BUYING ALBUMS? As a composer I need the record sales, but understand this downloading, because nowadays there is no other choice if you want to "test" the album before buying it. I guess it´s fine as long as it goes with respecting the artist. So go ahead download it, but IF you like the music, remember the realities and respect the artist, BUY the album, preferably the physical version in Epicrenels case. It´s not about the greedy record labels anymore, there are different record deals that enable the artist to get more profit. Epicrenel is one of those bands, so you can be sure that when you buy The Crystal Throne, your support goes mainly straight to the artist! 

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR DREAMS FOR THE BAND? To record the 2. album with great budget, and touring with success!

BESIDES YOUR OWN MUSIC, WHAT GENRES AND BANDS DO YOU LISTEN TO? As I am constantly waiting for inspiration, I don´t listen music much but rather stay vigilant for all the sources that launch the writing process. But when I listen, it´s metal in different forms and some classical music.

WHEN YOU ARE ON STAGE, WHAT DO YOU FEAR MOST THEN? I guess it would be something related to technical issues bringing the whole mood down and me being unable to get things up again. Fortunately we have lots of experience of live action so maybe there isn´t anything to be afraid of. Fear is only slowing you down haha!

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF THERE WAS NO MUSIC? I guess human kind would be bored to death, literally. The art in all its forms is essential for human, even plants seem to enjoy it, based on the biological exams. Maybe plants grow faster if listening to Epicrenel haha!

HOW IMPORTANT ARE YOUR FANS? Fans keep this thing going on even stronger with their support, so they are extremely important. Eventhough I would write music if there was not a single fan, it is the fans that in the end of the day are the driving force for the years to come.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU REHEARSE? I rehearse guitar 3 times a week, appr. 1-2 hour. The better I get, the better riffs and licks I can compose. I still have a lightyear to go if I would try to get on Emils level, since he is one of the most skilled metal guitarists in Finland!

WHERE DO YOU REHEARSE? Guitars at home, drums in the traing facility, I guess the neighbours like that solution haha! A a band we rehearse only before the gigs and recording sessions.

NAME 2 OF YOUR OWN SONGS YOU LIKE AT THE MOMENT? The two that met my goal totally are Skyride and Guarding Fellhound. The feeling in those songs are precisely what I was aiming for. They are not meant to be hit songs, their meaning is to carry the story, and in my opinion that they do perfectly. 

WHAT DRIVES A BAND THAT ISN'T ALL THAT FAMOUS AND RENOWNED TO TRY TO MAKE A LIVING ON THEIR MUSIC AND TO KEEP PLAYING? Besides having a strong inner need to create music, it is the fans who buy the records, come to see the shows and spread the word. Economically speaking, they are the basic driving force that keeps the wheel rolling. 

DO YOU HAVE ANY WEBPAGES? Yes,last July we got ready.

ANY PEARLS OF WISDOM FOR ALL OTHER BANDS OUT THERE? My suggestion would be, go on your own road, the music is real an in its finest only if it is honest.

DESCRIBE YOUR SHOW, VISUALLY AND MUSICALLY. We might have something related to the theme of Epicrenel, meaning certain clothes, torches etc. that bring the right atmosphere on the stage.

HOW DO YOU VIEW THE MUSICINDURTY OF TODAY? There are so many choices as an entertainment, so the traditional albums are no longer having the same place on the podium. Listeners however should remember, that even if there are many choices for the band to promote themselves, the realities in the form of expences has stayed pretty much the same all these years. The only way to maintain music is to support its maker.

WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST OBSTACLES FOR A BAND? The pressures coming from the above mentioned policy of expences, the unfair state of record sales, of course the lack of inspiration or insurmountable difference in taste of music within the band.

WHAT IS BEST/WORST WITH PLAYING THE CLUBS? the best is the tight feeling and sounds, worst is the lack of decent backstage and space on the stage sometimes.

TELL US ABOUT UPCOMMING GIGS AND WHY WE SHOULD BE AT THEM? They will bring the great songs into "flesh", some fiery action and majestic parts is surely coming for your eyes and ears!


WHAT WAS ONE OF THE MOST QUARRELSOME TIMES FOR YOU IN THE BAND? Nothing of that sort has come for us yet, I guess it´s all quarrelsome time haha, only the fun of playing ond composing keeps us going through the wall of hindrance!

WHATS YOUR PRE-SHOW RITUAL? Some silence and cheering drinks to unleash the kick ass mentality!

WHAT WON'T YOU SPEND MONEY ON? Clothes with bad quality, ie. like with songs and bands, I prefer few, but high quality. 

WHAT DO YOU FEEL A BAND/MUSCIAN SHOULD SPEND THEIR MONEY ON?It should be something that helps creating music. With this I don´t mean drugs, I hate music that hasn´t been created with pure mind and body. I despise doping in both sports and music... Hangover and couple beers/whisky is a different story and very much allowed haha!

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