interview med IRON KINGDOM

What's your band? We are IRON KINGDOM a Traditional Heavy Metal band playing in the style of Judas Priest, Rush, the Scorpions, Iron Maiden, and so many other classic 70s and 80s hard rock/metal bands.
Your members names? Iron Kingdom consists of Chris Osterman, Leighton Holmes, Amanda
Osterman and Kenny Kroecher
How old are you? Amanda is 23, Chris and Leighton are 21 and Kenny is 22. We're all fairly close in age.
Where do you come from? We live in Surrey, BC CANADA
What is your best song? We feel most people have responded well to our track 'Voodoo Queen' off the first album. Its a fun upbeat type song with an almost Scorpions kind of feel to it.
Do your band Play Your band play your own music or covers? We play original music written by the members of the band. Every now and then we throw in a cover in a live show just for fun really, usually Judas Priest or Iron Maiden tunes but we've covered a few songs over the years. We are an original band and we like to be clear on that. We want to make new music that will last for future generations.
Have you ever released any CD or single? We released a full length CD 'Curse of the Voodoo Queen' in December of 2011, and are currently working on our 2nd full length album 'Gates of Eternity' to be released in Late April of 2013.
Who has the best sense of humor? That's hard to say haha, I think we all have our moments, I'd say for
sure after a night of drinking we can all be pretty hilarious.
Who plays what? Amanda play Drums and on the 2nd album 'Gates of Eternity' you will
hear her also playing some classical styled piano.
Chris is the Lead Vocalist and plays Lead Guitar, Leighton plays Bass
Guitar, Kenny plays Lead Guitar
Do you have a website? Yes you can find us on and also at We are also on myspace, reverbnation, and a few other sites.
Where one can see your band?
We'll hopefully we will get our chance to tour the world, for now we have been touring Canada (and will continue to) and hopefully we will add some dates in the USA and possibly Europe sometime after. If we arent able to get to your city then we have a few videos and tunes online so thats a good place to start!

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