interview med DEMISE AWAITS

What's your band?  DEMISE AWAITS
Your members names? Jason Chatfield, Joel St. Clair, Brian Wells, Dustin Keech
How old are you? The band has been around for over 10 members ages are from mid 20's to early 30's
Where do you come from? Brockway, Pennsylvania USA
What is your best song? All of therm
Do your band Play Your band play your own music or covers? We're an original band, but we do enjoy playing our favorite covers.
Have you ever released any CD or single?  We have a demo and a 4 song EP...more recordings comming soon.
Who has the best sense of humor?  We all have a good sense of humor
Who plays what? Jason Chatfield-Lead and rythim guitar & lead vocals. Joel St. Clair-Lead and rythim guitar.  Brian Wells-Drums.  Dustin Keech-Bass.
Do you have a website?

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