interview med PSYCHOGOD

What is the name of your band?  PSYCHOGOD

What is alloy name "PSYCHOGOD" For? As you can see, the band name is formed from the word “Psycho”

and “God” and it is trying to form the image of a fictional evil deity.

What made you to be baptized to just "PSYCHOGOD"? Well, I’ve entered  the band at the beginning of

2013.  At first it was quite a shock for me, coming from an underground death metal metal band, to a band that

plays on big stages and is well known. The spirit in the band made me stay close to the guys and continue the

hard work.

What made you start playing music? Music is the only thing that can help you clean your soul and toughts. I

started playing music because I felt the need to express myself and create something that people will like.

What made you start a band? The need to make music and play for the people.

What was the plan when you started the band? The plan was a simple one: to play music, to create lots of good

quality albums and to have as many gigs as possible.

When did you start off band? The band was started in November 2009

Where have you played from 2010 to 2013? Between these years the band has played at lots of gigs and

created it’s own fanbase. The band played numerous other bands and with bigger names of the rock music as


Each was led first gig? The first concert took place in May 2010 with the Brazilian band Krow and other

roumanian bands like DinUmbra, Korruption.

Where were off last gig? The last gig was on July 28 this year. We played at the Rock The City Festival with

such names as Rammstein, Bullet for My Valentine and Trivium

Each was led most promising gig? The most promising gig was the last one on July, 28.

How many people usually come to your gig? Usually between 100 and 1500 people, depending on the gig. In

Romania, underground music is not very popular.

Where do you plan to play the rest of the year? Well, this years we have only two remaining gigs: an underground

festival in Craiova, Romania and at Psychosound Christmas Fest 2 in Bucharest. We are focusing more on creating

and recording the second album.

What you drive for music style? Well, everyone in the band has different music tastes. As for me, I usually

listen to grindcore, porngrind, brutal death metal and hardcore. The band is focusing more on a groove death

metal style.

What are your songs about? Our songs have a wide range of subjects: war, apocalyptic imagery, politics,

religion, and many more.

Do you own songs or covers? Yes we own all the songs. We don’t play covers.

Who writes the songs? / Who does the music? Everyone has it’s part in the band. Our songs are created by

sorting out ideas from everyone.

Who has the best humor? Everyone in the band has a great sense of humor, but as the vocalist, I am always

the most active and the one who always does the funny stuff.

Good and bad sides of the band? Good sides? Professionalism, hard working guys, good team spirit and the

friendship that was created inside the band. Bad sides? The only bad side is that we can’t rehearse more,

because of the jobs outside the band.

What are your web pages?

where are you from? We are from Bucharest, Romania.

What is your name? / Who plays what? / How old

My name is Sabin and I am the vocalist, and I am 19 years old. as for the band:

Traian – drums

Andrei – lead guitar

Dank – rhythm guitar

Emi - bass

What are your role models before? My personal role models are Chris Barnes (six feet under), George Fisher

(Cannibal Corpse) and Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed). As for the band, the role models are Hipocrisy and Gojira.

What inspires you? Everything I see with my eyes and everything I hear.

Where is most common that you play? We commonly play in Bucharest, Romania.

What are your plans for the future? The main plan is to get on bigger stages in the country and outside of it

and to record lots of good quality albums.

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