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What is the name of your band?

Opprobrium. We used to be called Incubus (from Louisiana)

from 1986 until the year 2000, then we changed our band name to Opprobrium. We are now

Opprobrium since the year 2000.

Name of the band-members? I'm Moyses Howard (Drums), my brother Francis Howard (Guitars / Vocals), and we are still going to add a bass player in the band.
Where did you grow up?
Me and my brother were born in Rio de Janeiro and but we were raised in Louisiana.
How old are you?
I'm 46 and Francis is 43.
Who started the band?
I (Moyses) had the idea to form the band, then I asked Francis if he wanted to form a band, and the rest is history. But before we formed Incubus/Opprobrium me and Francis formed many other Metal bands with different musicians, playing mostly Heavy Metal covers and some very heavy originals, even Scot (Serpent Temptation album) got to play in these other bands with us, that was even a few years before we formed the band in 1986 (Incubus from Louisiana / now called Opprobrium).
Where have you played 2012/2013?
We have not played any concerts in 2012, but we will play shows and tours after we record the new Opprobrium record.
Where can people se you?
In an advertised concert hall in a city near you as soon as we get on the road. All the Death/Thrash Metal Opprobrium fans can get news and updates in any of our band pages like;,, etc.
Do you have a web-site?
Not yet, but we might get one in the near future, it's going to be cool.
What is the name of your best song?
This is a hard question for me. I love them all, each song has it's own beauty, power and emotion from all the albums.
Who plays what?
I (Moyses) play the drums and my brother Francis plays the lead guitar and sings. We still have to get a new bass player to complete the line-up of Opprobrium, we don't know who will be yet.
What kind of music are you into?
I listen to lots of style, whatever has feeling to it and catches my attention I enjoy. I used to listen to only Rock and Roll and Metal when I was in my 20's, but I think that by working already with Metal music, it's refreshing to listen to other styles of music, from Disco to Jazz, etc.
Have you been on tour this summer?
We haven't planed anything for this summer, it all depends on the booking agencies, if they offer us something cool, we'll go for it.
Do you have a planed tour anytime soon?
If you are talking about a world tour, only after we release the new record.
Who came up with the band name?
The first name Incubus, was our middle brother Reginaldo, who by the way also painted the cover artwork of the Serpent Temptation (1988) album. But Francis who picked the new band name Opprobrium.
Who writes the songs?
Francis comes up with a bunch of riffs, then we try to pick the best parts for each song, it's a very difficult process because Francis is gifted with the creation of such fantastic riffs that it's hard to choose which one sometimes. But I do mostly of the song arrangenments with him, being a drummer I can make the songs flow from one part to the next. We both contribute the most that we can. But we keep fine tuning a song untilwe enter the studio to record the final version.
What song do you play the most?
It's hard to say, it all depends on the show that we are playing that night.
Do you play the same songs each performance?
When we're on a tour, yes, but sometimes we throw in some surprises for the fans. Now, single shows we tend to pick what we think it feels good for that night. But the classics songs always will be there.
Have you realesed a album or single?
Only albums so far, here's a complete discography: Discography: 1987 Supernatural Death (Demo) 1988 Serpent Temptation (LP, Brutal/MetalWorks UK) 1990 Beyond the Unknown (Nuclear Blast) 1994 Serpent Temptation - remake (Nuclear Blast) 2000 Beyond the Unknown/Serpent Temptation (Digipak, N.B.) 2000 Discerning Forces (Nuclear Blast) 2008 Mandatory Evac (Metal Mind) New studio album coming soon!!! But no, we have never released a single, you can probably can call a single those songs that Nuclear Blast used for ' just the Beginning' compilation series. 
Are you working on any new songs?
Yes, all the new material for the fifth studio album is all complete, but like I said, we fine tune the songs until we record them. The new Opprobrium album will be an epic! Very brutal and very technical.
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