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Who started the band?/What made you to be baptized to just "Pergana"? Adrian: First of all I’ve been playing in cover bands with some friends and then I felt the desire of express my own feelings, when I started to feel that necessity, I decided to create my own project and then the name “PERGANA” camein a crazy way, I listened that word in a dream I once had, it came like a vision, it was just perfect, because I was searching for an original word, something unique to name the project.

Where are you from? We are from different countries (France, Germany and Paraguay) but the band was formed in Paraguay.

What is your name? / Who plays what? The lineup in our debut material called “The Mirror of Silence” is:Audrey Laure (Vocals), Adrian Benegas (Keyboards), Mauro Mercado (Guitars), Oliver Holzwarth (Bass), Alex Holzwarth (Drums)

Explain to those who have not heard you, how does your music? Well, we always try to express our own feelings and emotions in our way; we don’t really like to classify our sound, it would be great if the people just identify our sound as “Pergana”, but to answer the question we would say that we play Symphonic Metal.

Who writes the songs?/ Who does the music? In the first material, “The Mirror of Silence” all the Songs and Lyrics were written by Adrian Benegas.

Good and bad sides of the band? We can say that our most difficult obstacle to produce the material was the distance, because Audrey (Singer), Oliver (Bass) and Alex (Drums) live in Europe, so it was really hard to coordinate and work together anyway we put all our persistence and predisposition to make the material.

For example Audrey traveled from France to Paraguay to record the material, it was a really hard goal to fulfill because we hadn’t so much budget (as you know, we are an independent band already) so, we can say that the good side is the Predisposition and effort we put to make this happen.

What are your songs about? Most of the songs are about dreams, esoteric stuff and experiences from life that inspires us.

Have you released any album or single? We have released a single called “Frozen Heart” in 2010 and then in 2011 we’ve released our debut EP called “The Mirror of Silence”

What are your two big favorite songs you done? Sincerely, we’ve enjoyed every song we recorded so, we can’t pick only one, all the songs we have in the EP are special, they are different and every song has its own magic.
How important are your fans? We feel that our fans are the 50% of the band; all we write are their stories too, we make it to them.

What is your goal with your music? We wish that our music can cross all the frontiers in the world and inspire with our songs to all the people that would be possible. We really want that our art can be something positive to the other people, those are our goals with the music.

What drives a band that is not very well known and live on it to continue to
The fact that we’re doing something that we really enjoy is the force to continue making music, we really find joy and happiness doing this. The music is the only thing that fills us up, the feeling of satisfaction and happiness to deliver something inspirational at least to one person in the world is what drives us to keep working.

What is the first step to a new song? Adrian: I always start with the lyrics, I write it about some experiences that I’ve lived or something that inspired me, then, I compose the music for it. I just follow my musical feelings.

What are your web pages? Our website is:, you can follow us here: and also you can subscribe to our channel:

What advice would you give to other bands? We can only say that if you make something and put all your heart in it you’ll always fulfill your goals and dreams, but remember that before to get to the top you’ll have a lot of obstacles to beat so, never give up. Enjoy the road, learn and be always sincere with your art. That’s what we believe.

Something to add? We just want to say thank you for the interview, for giving us the possibility to speak our feelings and to give us the chance to promote our music. Thank you very much Robex!

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