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Have any of you played in other bands? I sing in Igorrr and I play guitar in Rïcïnn.
How is it that you started playing music?
I think what made me want to make music that it's the day when I was going (with my parents) to see a concert of a music school in my village (at the time).
They played Bach, when I out I had the throat knotted, and I was thinking "I will be musician".
What are your names? / Who plays what? / How old are you?
Rïcïnn (Laure Le Prunenec) / vocals, bass (live) / 300 years old.
Isarnos (Jacquelin Thomas) / drums / 310 years old.
Öxxö Xööx (Laurent Lunoir) / vocals, guitar, composition / 380 years old.
Have you had other previous members? Yes some people are spent in Öxxö Xööx, we are always in contact.  At the beginning we were two guitarists and I sang, the band evolved since.
Did you make music even when you were Young?
My first instrument was the clarinet.
I was always touched by the music.
At the beginning of my life my means of expression was drawing, I used many years for assert my vocals.
Where are you from?
Like all of us, from the superluminous univers. ;)
What year did the band form? The basic project concept dates back to 2004 now.
What's your style of genre?
It's always difficult and unpleasant to categorize things. Öxxö Xööx it's a mixture between classical, doom, metal, experimental and avant-garde music.
What inspires you? To make vast : The reality and the immateriality.
How often and where do you rehearse? We rehearse at our homes and we rehearse a few days before a gig.
How have you developed since you started with the music? The music helped me tremendously to channel my strong destructices and my dark energy. Over time I have learned to use those emotions of anger and fire to do something constructive. It's far from being the case some years ago.
Do you have other interests of work outside the band? In the disorder. Cosmology, astronomy, galactic physics, exobiology, parallel dimensions, science, para-science, theology, science fiction/ fantastic movies and books, alternative literature, imagination, dream, meditation, hygienism...
Are you looking for a booking agency, and what are your thoughts around that? We start to think at that yes. I think it may be something positive if they are people who loves the project and who want to help him to grow up.
Are you looking for a label, and what are your thoughts around that? No, because we work with Blood Music. The man that handles this label isn't an amateur, he gives himself entirely and it's an passionate person, like us.
What made you decide to make this music?

I think that it's the sense of oppression of this material world imposes on us, the extreme difficuly for communicate with his neighbor, on the stuff like spiritual matters that challenge the paradigms of this world.
I often faced with closed doors, and I often had a strong sense of loneliness and incompréhention among people at who I was trying to speak.
This project, the music allows me to express myself fully, without having to take tweezers to avoid shocking the egos of people.
This projet allows me to be myself...
I think that is the goal of art.
It must spawn way despite philosophical or systemic barriers, as would a plant in the concrete, it must be a revolt.
What are your songs about?
All tracks of Öxxö Xööx have the same subject : elevation and evolution.
The desire to get out of darkness, suffering, war in all things, of hatred, of violence to go towards love, light.
Cannot to live in a universe governed by dualistic laws allowing the balance to this world to exist and putting in perpetual conflict.
Life is being exploited for that she devour herself.
I oppose this and I looking for a way to free myself from this paradigm that never not satisfied me.
Vehiculate for by the ego that seeks to survive has any price.
Who does the composing and writes the lyrics? Öxxö Xööx is my personal project, I compose everything and I write the lyrics. The other musician of band help me to arrange all of it.
Do you start with the music or the lyrics?
The two. Sometimes I have an idea for the lyrics, which I translate into my language and sometimes I let myself go completely to the music and I improvise and find words that could stick with the melody.
Do you compose in a certain inviroment?

That depends on the song.
I like don't eat for a few days and focus on my song for some hours.
Same goes for the graphics. I am always more performant artistically when I do not eat.
What language do you sing in? The language is called "Öx" is a language that I have invented, we have more than 400 words now.
What are the least and most people to attend one of your gigs? Human being and not human wishing to return to the light and love. Where just curious.
Do you always play the same songs live, or do you vary?
For the moment we play always 3 songs of the first album and two from the new album.
Do you have a regular place you play live often? No, we are just beginning to canvass and redo make gigs, there was a change in line up after the release of the first album.
What was your first gig like? The first concert of Öxxö Xööx was in 2006 in a little bar in Paris, we were two guitarists and I was singing.
What was your latest gig? The April 23, 2015.
Have you had to cancel a gig? Never.
Where have you played live this year? In London at "The Underworld Camden" in the first part of Igorrr.
Where do you plan to gig the comming year?
What plans awaiting confirmation, we have a concert confirmed in November in Scey-sur-Saone (event :
When did you start to sell merchandise, and what do you have for sale? T-shirts,CDs and vinyls (Rëvëürt and Nämïdäë).
Where can people buy your merchandise? Humans.
What do you think about people downloading music instead of buying records now a days?
I think this is an imperfect response to an imperfect world...
Internet gave music people free, and most people forget that behind an artistic work there are artists who have bills and rent to pay.
I totally understand people who do not have money and who downloaded the albums, I understand a little less those who have money who do not buy albums to support the artists they love so much.
How do you think the music industry have changed because of this?
Yes of course, like everything else in this world it must mutate and change.
There are more and more people who can express themselves artistically (which is fine) thanks to technology and internet but I sense that it's much harder to live of music than before.
What do you think of my work? Very good ! I discover.
How do you think and know that this interview will help you in the music business? In our music business I really do not know, maybe I hope anyway.
Do you have any role models or idols? The great spirit of life and Peter Steele, Robert Smith, Christian Vander, Mike Patton, Lisa Gerrard, Mylène Farmer, Aaron Stainthorpe, Joseph Duplantier, Dave Brockie, Tomaso Albinoni, Jean de Sainte-Colombe, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Vangelis, Clint Mansell etc etc etc.
Why do you think that they exist?
Because we all have a specific role to play in this world.
A great common purpose beyond ourselves completely.
For me there can be no movement without goal.
Is it easier to find inspiration from older bands, or bands that are more active to day? Personall, everything can inspire me, in all time.
What have been your biggest obstacles?

What are our biggest obstacle. The matter.
We live in a world governed by the banks so inevitably I would say money.
Lack of funds pushes us to do better and to find means to continue making art. This is good in a sense.
What advice would you give other bands or artists?
I don't conciderate myself like an artist who can give advice, because I think we have so much to be done that it would have be indescent to do that.
However if I had to give one, it would be to listen to what your mind tells you to do, only he knows what is good for you. Even if the whole world opposes, this is where you need to go.
And more that will be harder, more that will be beautiful and great.
I think that the human soul must learn to trust the spirit of life and not much use to calculate via the ego, let go. It's the unique and true revolution for me.
Do you have any new material? Yes acutellement I work on the new album, the preproduction is well advanced. It will be an album of fire, I say no more for now.
What are your web sites?
Blood Music :
How can people reach you?
What are your plans for the future? Music videos, gigs, new album.
Do you have something to add? Let us love. All of us.
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