interview with Witherfall

Have any of you played in other bands? Joseph Michael: Jake and I played in the Heavy metal band White Wizzard (Earache Records/Century Media) and Adam Sagan played in Into Eternity (Century Media) Circle II Circle (SPV) and on Jake Dreyer's Solo EP.

How is it that you started playing music?

JM: First attempt to play anything was the piano parts on “Bohemian Rhapsody” though I was like 9 years old. Thanks Wayne's World... First Serious instrument was Guitar after seeing the “November Rain” Video.

Jake Dreyer: I was always interested in the guitar ever since I was around the age of two. Probably just thought it looked cool. When I heard the arpeggiated intro to AC/DC's "Hells Bells' it was the first time I could remember I thought those six strings sounded cool. From there on out I have had no life besides being a slave to the instrument.

What are your names?/Who plays what?

JM: Vocalist and Keyboardist

JD: Guitars

Have you had other previous members? JD: None that I know of.

Did you make music even when you were young?

JM: I've been writing and recording since was 14.

JD: When I was 13 I recorded my first CD. It was awful. Sounded like a bunch of pubescent teens playing out of tune instruments. Which we were.

Where are you from?

JM: Utica NY.

JD: Panama City Beach, FL

What year did the band form? JM: Oct 2013

What's your style of genre?

JM: Dark Melodic Metal

JD: Our debut CD has influences from all sorts of genres across the board. Most of them not particularly metal. It has everything from obscure vocal phrases to jazz fusion esque bass lines, acoustic guitar solos, Romantic and Classical era harmony and melodies. The list goes on. With that said it still is very much a metal band. At any rate, what Joseph stated: "Dark Melodic metal" pretty much is a good basis of what I would refer Witherfall to no pun intended fall under.

What inspires you?

JM:Wine and well written vocal harmonies.

JD: As far as influences on the guitar: Jason Becker, Yngwie "J" Malmsteen, Marty Friedman, Al Di Meola, Paul Gilbert.

Do you have other interests of work outside the band?

JM: My interests are aligned with the son of Hermes.

JD: Fine sliced, well marbled Toro and delicate briny Uni.

What are your songs about?

JM: The songs are very much about the darker side of our psychology... They are set pieces of the subconscious...

JD- They are also just canvas for us to show off.

JM- Perhaps.

Who does the composing and writes the lyrics?

JM: Well composition encompasses the text as well... Jake and I usually start with one or more musical themes and then build the “story” around it.

JD: On our upcoming record it was collaboration between Joseph and I. Majority of these songs were composed in a room with a guitar, recording device, pen and paper. These were later made into demos that we sent to our drummer Adam Sagan to write his drum parts to. On certain occasions during pre-production we would work on arrangement ideas if necessary.

Do you start with the music or the lyrics?

JM: Depends.

JD-Speaking on our upcoming release, I think the music started. Though, once the lyrics come they could very much influence a harmonic progression, particular scale use or drum pattern for that matter.

Do you compose in a certain environment?

JM: I like to write when people are looking at me... I play off of their anxiety...

JD-I am the opposite usually alone at 4am.

What language do you sing in? JM:English

Where do you plan to gig the comming year? JD: Hopefully not at one of our neighbor’s birthday parties... Our album is currently being mixed and mastered as I type. We have already started looking at some opportunities for gigs in the near future. The links below will have the information on these dates once they become available.

Where can people buy your merchandise?

JM: When it is available at

You can stay tuned for updates at

What do you think about people downloading music instead of buying records now a days? JM: I have been using Spotify for a long time and I see huge potential for growth for long term career oriented musicians... With Downloads you get paid once... With streaming that same song will be paying dividends for the next seventy years... and that combined with the fact that Illegal File-sharing leaves your computer at risk for viruses seems to have plugged the leaking revenue somewhat.

Is it easier to find inspiration from older bands, or bands that are more active today?

JM: I am definitely not a genre snob or an era snob... I take inspiration and have respect for anything well written whether it' Mozart's serenade for winds (K.361) or Dream Theater's Awake Album.

JD: I find inspiration from both worlds; it is always good to see where things came from and how they progress. With that said I do think there has been a mystique that has been lost by bands now with the social media frenzy. It loses that larger than life aspect that many bands prior to this day and age had.  For example, I can’t imagine Jimmy Page having an instagram account where he posts pictures of his daily gym routine.

What advice would you give other bands or artists?

JM: Get everything in writing...

JD: Yeah, what he said.

How do you get psyched for a gig?

JM: I usually have a drink, just one... and go over the layout of the stage in my head... Dreyer is usually in the corner running arpeggios... haha

JD: Warm up as much as possible, scales and arpeggios with a metronome. I usually run through difficult passages of the set and work on the problematic areas. Then on stage before the gig starts I do bends and different vibrato exercises.

What are your web sites?

How can people reach you? JD: Send all your hate mail to the e-mail addresses posted on those websites.

Do you have anything else to say?

JD: Thanks for the interview man! Appreciate all the questions.

JM: Cheers.

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