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What is the name of your band? The name of my band is Amen Corner. 
How was the band formed? Curitiba- was formed here in Brazil in April 1992. 
What would you can say about your band? Amen Corner is a black metal band that preaches his ideology lives and also the same for over 20 years. 
Where are all the band members?/Who does what in the band? All are from Curitiba. Besides playing, everyone has their work out because you can not live extreme music here in Brazil. 
What was the ambition of the band when you started? Disseminate and publicize the Black Metal and Pagan and Luciferian ideology. 
Could you explain your music to someone who has not heard you? Our music has influences of Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, etc. ... Our lyrics speak of Satanism, Luciferianism, Paganism and criticize the Christian religion as a whole !! 
Where was your first gig? Here in our city Curitiba-PR. 
Where was the last show? The latter was also in Curitiba, along with Enthroned Belgium. 
Who writes your songs?/Who writes the music you write letters? The music is mostly made by the guitarist Murmur, and I write the lyrics. 
Who has the best humor in the band? Everyone has good humor, but I and guitarist Tito, make fun about one it other  !!! 
What is good / bad with the band?/What kind of music do you feel you are? old school Black Metal. 
Why did you choose this particular style?/What are your songs about? It's in our blood, our hearts and our souls black !!!! 
Do you write your own material or mainly covers? All songs are own. 
Have you made any albums?/If yes, what are they? 
1992 - Amen Corner -Amen Corner 7 "EP 
1993 - Fall Ascension Domination LP / CD 
1994 - The Final Celebration 12 "EP 
1995 - Iachol, Ve Tehila - CD 
1998 - Darken in Kir Haresete - CD 
2007 - Lucification - CD 
2010 - Leviathan Destroyer - CD 
2014 - Christ Worldwide Corporation - CD + DVD. 
Do you have clips on YouTube? Yes, official clip Leviathan Destroyer 
How old are you?/When you started in music? I'm 47 years old. I started at 20 years old. 
At what age did you start playing? Was 20 and my first band was called Infernal. 
How old you guys estiverao the first time on stage? I was 20. 
In that year the band started? Amen Corner began in 1992. 
Best worst show you ever played? All shows were great !!! 
Which the places that you will be playing in a possible future? 
We intend next year to play in Europe and also in the countries of South America. 
Where's it going so far? Brazil and Paraguay 
Which is the best band you've ever seen? Venom in 1986, Destruction, Sodom, Motorhead, Marduk, Enthroned, M-Pire of Evil, etc .... 
What was the best most promising show so far? In 2011 in Varginha-MG (Brazil) and Asuncion (Paraguay) 
You had some of the early tour so far? Not yet participated Tour. 
Which was the largest audience that will touch you guys already? 2011 in Varginha-MG. 5,000 People. 
What are the plans for the rest of the year? Publicize the new CD and playing shows until the end of the year. 
Where you usually play? Brazil by all !!! 
How do you prepare psychologically for a show? It's natural, but I'm used to, take a few shots of brandy before to ensure !!! 
What are your goals with your music? Be recognized at the World scenario !!!!
When you decided to go totally with the music? When did the first show, I saw that it could go further ... 
It's easier to get your inspiration from older bands or more modern bands? We were inspired by the older bands !!!! Not that the new band are bad, but we prefer the older sound more authentic and original !!! 
What are your sources of inspiration? Black Metal, Lucifer, etc .... 
What is the first step in making a new song? The Murmur guitarist makes music and I write the lyrics.
How do you feel about downloading music instead of buying albums? On the one hand it is good because you disclose your music quickly and world but on the other hand, is bad form because it falls sales of CDS. And spiritually speaking,. It is always better to have the original CD who you like !!! At least I'm like .. 
What are your dreams for the band? Play by everyone, to show our music and our ideology ... 
Besides his own music, what genres and bands that you hear? Black Metal: Venom, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Samael (old), Carpatian Forest, Dark Throne, Enthroned, Bollthrower, Sarcophagus, Possessd, Sodom, Destruction, Some Death Metal bands: Obituary, Morbid Angel (old), Death , Dark Angel, Slayer (old) as .Heavy Metal: WASP Dio, Judas Priest, The Rods, Cirith Ungol, Picture, Demon, etc ... I also like AC / DC, Motorhead. 
What are your greatest fears for the future? I'm not afraid of the future, the future is my goal !!! 
When you're on stage, what you fear most? To give some shit to sound any instrument failure, or equipment ... Stuff like !!! 
You have been part of any other projects? I have a project called Dark Songs of Megiddo, a more atmospheric music, morbid style: Mortiis, Sopor Aeternus. 
Have you been in other bands? Yes, Infernal and Camos. 
What do you work with out of band and music? Web Graphic Designer. 
What would you do if there was no music? Nothing would make sense without the music .... 
How important are your fans? Total importance, are our greatest triumph !!! 
How often do you practice? Once a week. 
Where do you practice? In the city center in a studio rental.
Name two of your own music that you like at the moment? I Say Yes to Satan and Like the Wolf both the new album. 
What is the best live band you've seen? Venom. 
What leads a band that is not so famous and renowned trying to make a living with their music and continue playing? Love what makes !!! Surely few musicians of extreme music live music, I believe that everyone should have a steady job. But music is part of the soul is in the blood and heart !!! 
Do you have website? Yes: 
Describe your show, visual and musically heavy, energy, lit trident, fires, etc .... 
How do you see indudtri of music today? Somewhat weakened due to downloads, etc .... 
What advice would you give to other bands? Believe and fight until to the end. 
What are the biggest obstacle for a band? Lack of support, sponsorship and money. 
Tell us about next shows and why we should go in them? Upcoming shows will be the best !!!! Much energy and magia.Quem know know and those who do not know should go see !!! 
How would you describe your sound in one sentence Morbid energetic and with authenticity. 
Which was one of the most quarrelsome moments for you in the band? Already rolled some bullshit with former musicians !!! But you get used to it ... hold your head up and move forward. 
What is your pre-show ritual? Concentration, a few beers and a few shots of brandy !!! 
Do you have anything to add? Thank you for the opportunity to show here a bit about our history, Come on our site and feel free !! It will be a pleasure to interact with people from all continents !!! Hail 666.
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