interview with Spätregen

Have you played in any band before? Actually, this is my first real music project. I had a smaller music project before. But I have never released one of the songs, written in this time.
How will they do that you began to enter the field of music? At the age of 17 music became more for me than just entertainment. So I experienced music as a powerful tool to express myself and my feelings.
What's your name? / Who plays what? / How old are you? I am Kumras and 24 now. In my first release "Schattenwandler" I played everything and had no other musicians involved. However, I am working with two other musicians on my upcoming album now. I am doing the songwriting, the guitars, the vocals and the lyrics, as well as the orchestration and the concepts behind it. Sinaoth is performing the drums and Scharnoth is performing the bass for my upcoming album.
Have you had previous members? No, this is my first cooperation with other musicians.
Did you do music already when you were small? I started playing the guitar at the age of 10, I think. But mainly because my father became a guitar teacher and so it's on the dice that I somehow started playing guitar.
Where are you from? I am from Germany.
What year was started the band? Spätregen was started in the spring of 2013.
What do you play music style? Basically I hate categorisation, because it puts you into a box and a lot of people will not take a look into, because of prejudges. If I have to describe my music style I would put it into symphonic black metal. But with a lot if cinematic and classical influences.
What inspires you? Well you get inspired in everyday life. Nature, work, different situations and different feelings. On the music side I get inspiration trough almost every kind of music I hear. There is something unique in every song or music genre.
Do you use earplugs when you appear? I haven't had a live appearance jet but in all my rehearsals I use ear plugs.
How have you evolved since you started with music? Well personally I would say, music made my life easier and helped evolving my personality. Mainly because I had a different way to reflect and deal with problems and questions occurring in my life.
Do you have any other interests or jobs outside of the band and the music? Well, I love painting artworks and pictures, as well as writing and I do a lot of sports. I really enjoy being outside in the nature. Beside my music project I am studying.
Are you looking for the booking company, what are your thoughts and requirements around it then? Actually I am not looking for a booking company because no live appearances are planed at the moment.
Are you looking for record labels, what are your thoughts and requirements around it then? I am not specific looking for a record label. But I am open minded for a record label with a good band promotion. But until now I am enjoying the independence.
Questions about your music and lyrics:
What are your songs about the whole? In the whole I would say, my songs are about inner fights and the reflection of mankind's paradox behaviour, but also hope and believe as a way to break the chains of this behaviour.
Who writes the lyrics? All the lyrics are written by myself.
Who does the music? In the past all the music was written, composed and performed by me. For the upcoming album I decided to cooperate with Sinaoth and Scharnoth. It's such a blessing to have musicians on your side which empower the weakest parts of a project and bring in so much ideas and creativity.
When you do a song, you start with the music or the lyrics? For all the ongs I have had a concept first. Which mostly was in the form of lyrics. The music was then created to empower these lyrical concepts and to underline feelings and messages delivered trough this lyrics. However I edit the lyrics in a following step to assure they harmonise perfectly.
In which environment do you usually do your songs? Well it depends on which part of a song. The concept usually starts in everyday life. I wrote a lot of lyrical notes while being outside in the nature. I then complete these notes to lyrics later on. The music has always been made in my sort of home-studio.
Do you play only original songs live and also covers? If I would play live, the songs would be original songs only.
What language are you singing about? I am purely singing in German.
Questions regarding your merchandise:
When did you sell merchandise? I started selling merchandise at the time I released my first EP with the title "Schattenwandler".
What are your merchandise gadgets? Until now there are only CDs in physical and digital version. But there are t-shirts planed for the release of the upcoming album.
Where can I buy your Merchanndise? The merchandise is available online on my bandcamp webpage and trough nordic mission.
Questions about your views:
What do you think about downloading more music than buying CDs nowadays? Well everything is changing, we live in a society where most people would rather buy merchandise like t-shirts instead of music CDs. Mostly the value for music has changed because of the internet. Like in everything, there are good and bad sides. Music downloads are a great tool to reach a lot of people all over the world. I find this very helpful, especially for a band without live appearance.
How to think and do you think the music industry has changed since they started downloading music? Yes I think music industry has changed. Mostly in terms of physical cd sales.
If you prefer downloaded music, cassette, CD or Vinyl? Sound wise I am preferring vinyl. Even tough I don't have many. I mostly buy CDs, they are more flexible in listening aspects.
What would you do if the music is not the fans? Didn't got this one.
What do you think of my work? I really admire your work and the time you put into these interviews and your webpage.
How believe and know that this interview will help you in Brazilian music? I believe that this interview will help to get some attention in the Brazilian music scene.
What are your role models or idols? Well there are quite some idols or role models I look up to, each for different reasons. On the musical side there are a variety of classical composers. I really look up to such as Wagner or Bach. On the moral side I would declare Jesus as an idol for the way he lived his life.
What do you think they are age limits on some concerts? Why do you think they are? I think age levels are appropriate if you have adult content in the show or specific lyrics which will not suite well for younger persons.
Is it easier to draw inspiration from older bands than bands that are active today? Definitely older bands or composers. Modern music is mostly suffering from simplicity.
News and updates:
Do you have new material in grams? Yes, I am currently working on a full length album, which will hopefully be released later this year. I have finished the songwriting and preproduction process and we are actually in the recording process. We have finished drum recordings lately and will head to the bass recordings in the following weeks. So it's pretty promising that the album will be released this year.
What is your website?
How can I get you? Simply contact me trough facebook or trough the bandcamp contact form.
What are your plans for the future? Doing a lot more music. There are already plans for a following concept album. I am really looking forward to start the work on that album.
Do you have anything to add? Stay heavy.

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