interview with The Troubadours

Have any of you played in other bands? Yes, we both played in a rockabilly band named The Crossroad
How is it that you started playing music? To travel and get free drink
What are your names? / Who plays what? / How old are you? Fabio plays drums, guitar, harp and voice, Alessandro plays guitar and voice
Have you had other previous members? No, we are lonely men: two is enough.
Did you make music even when you were young?
Alessandro: yes, i play guitar when i was 10 years
Fabio: I don’t remember, too much drink
Where are you from? Verona, Italy. The city of wine
What year did the band form? One year
What's your style of genre? American old country, folk and Appalachian songs. We are vintage boys
What inspires you? Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, Doc Watson, Jimmie Rodgers and so on...
How often and where do you reherse? We reherse one time a week in the devil’s lair (a rural shack)
How have you developed since you started with the music? Ask this question to our audience :-)
Do you have other interests of work outside the band? Drinking and drinking
Are you looking for a booking agency, and what are your thoughts around that? We love to play as more as possible so if somebody is interested in our music we are here...
Are you looking for a label, and what are your thoughts around that? Same of previous question
What made you decide to make this music? Because we love the lifestyle of that american old years
What are your songs about? Drinking, love disappointments, and generally about normal life
Who does the composing and writes the lyrics? We only play cover
What language do you sing in? English
What are the least and most people to attend one of your gigs? Honky tonk people and generally all people that love drinking and having fun with good old music
What ages are most of your concert attendants? Everybody loves good old music (various ages)
Do you always play the same songs live, or do you vary? Depends on the context, sometimes whith drums, sometimes only with guitars
Do you have a regular place you play live often? We had a place where we played often, but now it’s closed: too much troubles
What was your first gig like? Good, we have all our friends to support us and the whyskey made the rest
What was your latest gig? We played at Bluegrass Festival in Cremona, and we were a little bit nervous but the gig was pretty good!
Have you had to cancel a gig? Fortunately no
Where have you played live this year? Unfortunately only in Italy, but we’re ready to travel a lot
Where do you plan to gig the comming year? we’ve managed some gigs but we’re superticious so we don’t say anything now
Who do you think of my work? Your work is good because it’s a good way to get in touch with people and to spread good music
How do you think and know that this interview will help you in the music business? We hope that somebody that is interested in our music help us to travel the world :-)
Do you have any role models or idols? Our idols are the same artist that we cover in our songs
Is it easier to find inspiration from older bands, or bands that are more active today? We only find inspiration from older artists
What have been your biggest obstacles? To play sober (it’s impossible and very hard!)
What advice would you give other bands or artists? Play sober!
How do you get psyched for a gig? Four beers and 2 shots of whyskey works very well!
How can people reach you? With Facebook and phone in our facebook page, the only modern thing that we have...
What are your plans for the future? Play as long as possible in cool places
Do you have something to add? Cheers!!!

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