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Did any of you play in other bands? E.C.: I was in projects before ARGENTO. Jonathan G. Together with Marcos G. they were parallel in Oppressor. Marcos G. was also in Tungsten and is currently playing in ARGENTO Y SERPENTOR

What are your names? / Who plays what? / How old are you?

Marcos Gianfrancesco 28 years-Battery-, Carlos Gianfrancesco 59 years-Low-, Jonathan Gianfrancesco 34 years-Guitar R.-, Ezequiel Carrillo 34 years-Guitar L.

Have you had other previous members? E.C .: If at the beginning the band members were also: Héctor Carrillo-Voz-, Alberto Acosta-Bass-, Ariel Gauna-drums- apart from Jonathan and I Ezequiel in guitars in another stage was also José Luis Pérez in Low.

Where are you from? E.C.: We are from the Town of José Clemente Paz in the Northwest of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In what year was the band formed? E.C.: ARGENTO starts in December 2000

What is your gender style? E.C.: Our style is based more than anything on Heavy-Thrash Metal

What inspires you? E.C .: Basically there is always something to be inspired, everyday things in one's life, which directly or indirectly are left in the unconscious of one and then appear in the form of letters, riffs, etc. ... reasons why the soul or manifests in that way. Bone nothing specific according to what is going, I think it is the best way. I do not rule out focusing on something to compose or inspire.

What are your songs about? 

J.G.: We try to reflect everyday things that one sees daily. In the news, newspapers, internet. Topics such as social revolts, politics, religion, crimes.

As well as we write about deeper and personal feelings such as the loss of a loved one, or the need to feel the support of a friend.

Who makes the composition and writes the lyrics? 

JG: Mostly Ezequiel C. is the one who brings more musical ideas, it is very good improvising Riffs with Marcos the drummer, but in all we contribute Riffs or structures I contribute more Introductions and / or parts as the "bridge" of a song. And so with the structures of Ezequiel we round up the themes.

Mostly I write the letters but there are always contributions from everyone.

Do you start with music or lyrics? J.G.: I was used to working with lyrics when the songs were already written musically. For the next album it will be different since I am working on new lyrics at the same time we compose the music, the last thing that is done is the vocal melody.

Do you make up in a certain environment? J.G.: Any time is ideal to compose, inspiration can come at any time. In my case I try to capture melodies or phrases with my IPhone even if I'm working or traveling by bus.

In what language do you sing? J.G.: We sing in Spanish in order to better express what we want to say through the lyrics.

Where have you played live so far this year and what other places do you think of playing? J.G.: We move inside an under circuit in Buenos Aires but every so often we go to other cities outside of our province. We still did not have the opportunity to give a show in another country.

When did you start selling merchandise and what do you have to sell? J.G.: we always had a basic merchandising of the band like T-shirts, stickers, stickers, patches. Apart from our editions on CDs and cassettes obviously

Where can people buy your merchandise? in or directly to us through Facebook: Argento - Heavy Metal

What do you think of people downloading music instead of buying discs now? 

J.G.: I do not think it's wrong for people to download music as long as they then buy the physical discs.

M.G.: Today in 2018, this action must be taken as a means of dissemination. It's wrong because the labels and the bands lose record sales, in fact many companies closed and bands that stopped traveling their way, but the positive point is that it serves to expand your art, because if we talk about an emerging band like we are We, it is very difficult to find a distributor that reaches the whole world with your product.

How do you think the music industry has changed because of this? E.C .: Ah changed a lot in if we are people who lived the '90s and saw the war that exists up to now with piracy, although they have closed some alternatives but at the same time others were opened. The world changes and music and marketing do not escape this.

What do you think of my work? E.C .: I think it's fundamental for emerging bands like us and that's great I think that thanks to that there is a continuity in the musical genre.

How do you think and know that this interview will help you in the music business? E.C.: I do not think of this as a business, we do not live on this. It is very difficult to live music in this country more in this musical genre. If I see it as positive the fact that this art of ours is disseminated that is non-profit that is of the purest ... it is pure passion.

Do you have a role model or idols? E.C.: We have grown up listening to a lot of music and who has not had in childhood an idol or a role model? In our case many haha but in itself nothing specific.

Is it easier to find inspiration from older bands or bands that are more active today? J.G .: Our musical influences come from the 70 '80' and 90 'basically, bands like Metallica, Deep purple, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, Megadeth, Pappo's Blues are some of them, dog we listen to everything.

What have been your biggest obstacles? M.G.: Perhaps the recording of an album, for an economic and personal time. Where apart from having an everyday job, everything is done by ourselves, we know that it requires money and a lot, but without doubt it was a stumbling block when one sees the results and the response of the people.

What advice would you give to other bands or artists? M.G.: That they do and do not talk about anything else, everything is based on trial and error. That they produce material, that they internalize everything that implies having a band and do it in the best possible way. That they listen to a lot of music and above all dedication to their instrument, the rest will naturally occur.

How do you get excited for a concert? E.C .: With many nerves for sure, it is a moment in which you think and try to remember if everything is in place so that there is no error or nothing fails. A lot of adrenaline, the best thing is when you start there the fear ends.

Do you have any new material? E.C.: There is a lot of new material in the project, assembling models of new songs. It is something never ending. Fortunately.

What are your websites?

How can people get there? 

Facebook: Argento – Heavy Metal

YouTube: Argento Metal Oficial

What are your plans for the future? M.G .: Continue composing, get to know new sounds, release albums, record video clips, play live, enjoy everything that implies having a band and keep on maintaining friendship and calling for this style.

Do you have something to add? We would be very happy and it would be a pleasure to be able to listen to us from anywhere, anywhere in the world. Since many thanks to you for the contribution and to all the people of your blog our greetings! Long live the Metal!!!!

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