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Have any of you ever played in other bands?

Jez: Ed our drummer is also in Half My Kingdom, which is another Uk band, Stephan was

previously in Dragonthrone and myself in Dreadnaught and Aggrothesis.

How did you start playing music? Jez: I was very young when I started around 7/8 years of age on the acoustic guitar, in my teens I moved to my first electric guitar being a mustang later years was heavily focused on being a musician, which at this point my influences were Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth, Timo Tolkki from Avalon, ex-Stratovarius, Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray and Ralf Scheepers from Prmal Fear.

What are your names? Who plays what?

Charlotte jones - Vocalist

Jeremy Lawler - Guitarist/Keyboardist

Stephen Einarsson - Bassist

Ben taylor - Guitarist

Nicholas Meeks - Guitarist

Ed Anderson - Drummer

Did the band have other previous members? Yes over the years the line up has changed.

Did you make music even when you were young? Jez: Yes I started around 7/8 years of age.

Where you are from? Jez: We are all based in the south of UK

In what year did the band form? Jez: The project Winter's Edge started in 2009 it became an official band in 2015.

What is your gender style? Jez: Metal

What inspires you? Jez: Life in general, Other pieces of music, life experiences, story you hear and Fans.

How many times and where do you play?

Jez: Currently we have mainly been focusing playing across the whole of the UK but we are now booking

shows abroad like countries like France and Germany.

How did you develop since you started with music? Jez: I guess by spending alot of time with my instruments, alot of time being in spired by the world around us and generally noticing where I can myself in improve in areas.

Do you have other interests working out of band? Jez: I like to draw and create Merch/Stage Props

Are you looking for a booking agency and what are your thoughts on this? Jez: We are always on the look out and interested in any agency interested in us as a band however currently we run ourselves because we havn't come across a deal balanced enough that would benefit ourselves.

Who does the writing and writes the lyrics? Jez: Myself mainly in the past but for next years album we are aiming to write more as a band and I will continue to write the lyrics and Charlotte will revise them and make any additonal changes that work best for her.

Do you start with the music or the lyrics? Jez: I have done both so it really depends on what naturally comes to you first as a writer.

Do you compose in a certain environment? Jez: I tend to prefer to be left alone and write from my home but I have been known to write creativly in the studio whilst recording a song.

Have you done any coverage live?  Jez: No not as of yet but that doesn't mean we won't.

What language do you sing in? Jez: Charlotte sings in English along with my backing vocals also being in english.

Who are the smallest and most people to attend one of your shows? Jez: the smallest turn out was 6 people I think and the largest for us so far is over 100 people.

What are the ages of most of your concert attendees? Jez: Between late 20's and 50's/60's

Do you always play the same songs live, or do you vary? Jez: We tend to stick to a setlist for alittle while then change it.

How was your first show? Jez: Our first ever show was incredable.

What was your last show? Jez: Our last show was our Pre Album Launch Show in Birmingham, promoted by Adrian Betts from Mr Blade Promotions, which was a great show.

Did you have to cancel a show? Jez: In the past we have due to things out of our control but we do our best to deliver and play all shows we are on.

Where do you plan to go next year? Jez: We are focusing playing overseas more next year.

What do you think of people downloading songs instead of buying discs nowadays? Jez: I think its a shame that their is alot of ways to get free music nowadays and I can only hope that oneday all the ways doing that are gone.

How do you think the music industry has changed because of this? Jez: I think it's changed musicians opinions on the music industry in general and open everyones eyes more that this problem is growing worse everyday.

What do you think of my work? Jez: I think it's great that you are supporting the bands and music by doing things like this for us, I think to really get bands heard and music out there what you're doing is helping us reach new fans and people.

How do you think and know that this interview will help you in the music world? Jez: Well here's a few reasons, you have blog everyone loves readin up on reviews over the internet, your passionate about music and you make the effort to contact bands to show your support which also attracts others to follow.

Do you have any model or idol? Jez: I think the whole band have idols but mine personally right now is Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth and Mike Lepond from Symphony X.

Why do you think they exist? Jez: I believe my Idols exist because they were once inspired by other musicians which helped them become who they are, because they are very talented musicians and have something to offer the world that others don't along with being nice and postive musicians.

Is it easier to find inspiration in older bands or more active bands these days? Jez: Either I guess it depends again on the timing and what your doing at that time.

What were your biggest obstacles? Jez: Mine never being able to play the drums properly as before I was a guitarist I wanted to be a drummer and I guess making Winter's edge into a band.

What advice would you give to other bands or artists? 

Jez: Be nice to fellow musicians, promotors, reviewers and anyone helping your band grow in the music industry, work hard then work harder then harder than that, Take risks don't be affraid, Set an example to other bands and learn from them in return, Don't lose your way step back and try again, be strong and always have a leader in the band, remember your also out there to be the better band and best band you can be but don't let that go over your head.

Kindness will get you places and respect from others.

Do you have any new material? Jez: We are just about to release our third album "The Guardians Of our Time Pt.1" on August the 17th.

What are your sites?

How can people reach you? Jez: The best way is via our facebook link above.

What are your plans for the future? Jez: Winter's Edge are releasing "The Guardians Of Our Time Pt.2" in November, which will be released over a UK mini tour and we have various gigs coming up supporting the awesome Power Quest and Eleine later this year.

Do you have anything to add?

Jez: I would to thank you for your on going support with Winter's Edge and I would like to thank everyone checking this out and supporting yourself and ourselves.

From all of us here at Winter's Edge a big thank you.

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