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How did you started playing music? Luiz Casadio: I started playing guitar when I was about twelve years old, but my first contact with rock music started earlier. I don't know where all this aptitude came from. In my childhood home nobody worked with or cared too much about music. My parents' jobs kept them away from home full-time and, to make it worse, I do not have brothers, so there was none of that common situation where the older brother influences the younger one towards rock music. It was very common for me to spend long hours of the day completely alone at home. I believe it was during these moments that I began to watch music videos, and for some reason, rock video-clips captivated me the most. Maybe because of the looks, the hair, the attitude... or maybe because some bands flirted with horror movies concepts and images and I was a fan of this genre since a very early age! I think that I don't need to comment that video-clips like 'I Love It Loud' from Kiss used to make me go crazy. My first album was 'The Number of the Beast', by Iron Maiden. I asked it for my mother as my ninth birthday present. When I was in the store I tried to hide the cover fearing that she wouldn't let me take the gift home, but she didn't bother with it. I think she thought it would be one of those children's storytelling records. Over the time I started looking out for other bands and I ended up becoming a hard rock fan. That led me to play the guitar!
Who are the members of Wolfpire? Luiz Casadio: Doug Muratore (vocals), Luiz Casadio and Furuken (guitars), Hall Mayan (bass), Markus Mioranzza (keyboards) and Lyan Lee (drums),
Wolfpire had previous members? Luiz Casadio: Yes, we have had some replacements. When we're producing the album Naughty and Hungry, we had on the team the bass player Danny Heinzl and the drummer Mau Villas. Danny left us for reasons related to his career, and Mau Villas unfortunately had a health problem that led him to leave the band. The important thing is that both continue to help us a lot, and we are like a big family!
Where are Wolfpire from? Luiz Casadio: The band is from São Paulo, Brazil.
What year did the band form? Luiz Casadio: The band is very fresh, in general I can say that it is about only two years old. Although the idea was born in 2015, the band was only completed in the end of 2016, and on November 24, 2017 was released our debut album, Naughty and Hungry.
What's your style of genre? Luiz Casadio: In essence we are a Hard Rock band, but our songs also pass between Heavy Metal and AOR. Some people have considered that our biggest differential is this diversity in the album's songs.
What inspires you? Luiz Casadio: Many things! I believe that in addition to the great Hard Rock bands of the 80's, I got a lot of inspiration from movies. Besides being a musician, I am a graphic artist and at the same time I create a song, I can imagine the images that combine with it. This can be seen in all of Wolfpire's art from the album cover as in the videos. I've taken care of everything personally since filming, illustration, photos, effects and edits. I think I ended up leaving that cinematographic feeling in the band's work. Even the bands own name is based on current characters from horror and fantasy films.
How have you developed since you started with the music? Luiz Casadio: I studied music intensely. But even with the development of the technical and academic side, I believe the greatest learning comes from listening to many different songs and sounds. The musician can not only be a prisoner of mechanics and mathematics, he must remember that music is an art and expression form. In order to communicate better, you need to understand the language and at every new album that you hear expands your vocabulary!
Do you have other interests of work outside the band? Luiz Casadio: Apart from music I usually work professionally with images and illustrations, for both printed media and videos, it is possible to see my work on all the graphical material of the band. I try to do everything because I believe that the transmission of a message and a feeling through art gets stronger and more accurate when combining sight and hearing. People can see and hear things the way I see and hear ‘em in my imagination… It's magic! Many of the songs on the album were created after I went to sleep and started dreaming of them. And dreams are usually accompanied by images. I intend to continue working on illustrations, filming and creating images for the band and also outside of it. It’s my second vocation.
Are you looking for a label, and what are your thoughts around that? Luiz Casadio: Yeah, we're looking to work with a label. When I started the band, I thought I could do things nowadays without really needing the support of a label, but, besides having a press agent, with the speed of the internet and new social media it's insane try to keep all the activities that a band needs internally. Our music has begun to wander around the world, and being able to cater to the more geographically distant audience who wants a CD or other physical products becomes impractical. In my country, the mail service charges high fees and makes this kind of transaction unfeasible.
What are your songs about? Luiz Casadio: The themes are varied, but I try to approach everyday and current events. The song "Scene Queen" for example, the theme is very current. "Scene Queen" is the title given to some vloggers who get a spot on the internet. 
About the creative process. You usually start by developing the song or writing the lyrics? Luiz Casadio: It's not a rule, but I usually start by the creation of the music. Some sentences or an idea for the lyrics appears almost at the same time. But I always think on the melodies first.
Do you compose in a certain environment? Luiz Casadio: I don't have a special place to compose, normally inspiration suddenly appears. I may be walking on the street, driving the car, in the shower, or even sleeping. In fact, several songs from the album appeared during a dream and when I woke up I ran out to record the idea. I usually leave my cell phone nearby in an easy-to-reach location so I can record an audio at the moment the idea comes up.
What language do you sing in? Luiz Casadio: Our lyrics are in English.
When did you start selling the goods and what do you have for sale? Luiz Casadio: We started selling some products earlier this year. Currently we have besides the CD of the album Naughty and Hungry, t-shirts, our necklace with a pick, patches for clothes, button badge and others.
What do you think about people downloading music instead of buying records nowadays? Luiz Casadio: It's the new age, the evolution of the market! I think that both the musician and the industry need to follow and understand the innovations. I don't see this as a problem, in fact I believe that the legal download of the digital files make it easier for the public to access the music without the geographical barriers.
How do you think the music industry have changed because of this? Luiz Casadio: Of course, but that was just the beginning of change! The market will continue to change progressively, especially with the emergence of new technologies and constant changes in communication systems. Everything indicates that over the years we will see the emergence of new trends, new forms of consumption and many new things not only in the music market, but in a general way.
What do you think of my work? Luiz Casadio: Essential! A great idea! It's important that any artist has a place where he can talk about his work and you were able to create that space.
What were your biggest obstacles? Luiz Casadio: I think for the musician and for anyone nowadays the biggest obstacle is being able to deliver good content to the public at a high speed! Facing all this need created by the internet and social media.
What advice would you give other bands or artists? Luiz Casadio: The music market is difficult but don't give up there is always room for talent!
Do you have any new material? Luiz Casadio: Yes, we just released the music video for the song "Scene Queen". We spent a few days filming in different locations and the result was impressive. The video can be seen on our official YouTube channel.
What are your web sites?
Luiz Casadio:
How can people contact you? Luiz Casadio: They can contact us by the email and through our official profiles Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
What are your plans for the future? Luiz Casadio: Now that the album Naughty and Hungry was released we're preparing the live performances. I’m creating a very nice content for those who stick with us on social medias and special video content for the band’s YouTube channel. I have scheduled the release of some official music video-clips that are already being filmed, as well as the lyric videos.
Do you have something to add? Luiz Casadio: Although the first album has just been released, the ideas don’t stop, so you just gotta wait a while, several drafts of new songs are already here. I hope that the public appreciates our work, it’s all being done for them! A big hug for everyone and let the Rock go through your veins!
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