interview with Soulcraft

Where are you from?/ What year band form?/Style and genre?/Band members and their previous bands?

Soulcraft Is a roots reggae band hailing from Belgrade Serbia formed in 2013.

Members of the band are all well experienced musicians, previously played/still play in prominent Serbian rock/reggae bands: Vladimir Krkljus, (Soulcraft, Smoke n’ Soul), Dejan Utvar (Soulcraft, ex-Kazna za Usi, ex-Partibrejkers, ex-Del Arno Band, ex-Eyesburn, ex-Lira Vega), Slobodan Djukic (Soulcraft, Jimi Triple B’s 666 Blues Band, In From The Cold, FC Apatride UTD, ex-Eyesburn, ex-Hang, ex-Hitman), Damjan Cirilovic (Soulcraft, Jimi Triple B’s 666 Blues Band, Smoke n’ Soul).

Short bio/Record Label/Booking/Gigs?

Soulcraft did first two albums with internationally recognized Serbian trombonist/singer Hornsman Coyote. Second one, named “Safe Planet” was released on two labels, Ammonite Records (Serbia) and PDV (Croatia). In support of those two albums, Hornsman Coyote and Soulcraft did couple of short runs throughout the Balkans and Europe in general, having been played couple of prominent festivals such as Irie Vibes (Belgium), Sziget Festival (Hungary), Sea Splash (Croatia), Sea Dance (Montenegro), Eurosonic (Netherlands) etc.

Latest album, called “Reggae On A Mission” (2018, Ammonite Records), Soulcraft did with long time established reggae/soul singer Ras Mac Bean, born in English Guyana, currently resides in Paris, France. Currently, band is in the studio, rehearsing for upcoming “Reaggae on a Mission” promotional shows, both in Serbia and abroad. Band’s main interest is playing live, doing shows all around the globe, traveling as far as possible, spreading good vibes, meeting people and promoting Soulcraft reggae. Although band is currently on the label, (Ammonite Records) and already has some booking connections, Soulcraft is always willing and ready to collaborate with other labels, booking agencies and managements on interesting future projects.

What inspires you and do you do any covers live? Although, Soulcraft music is roots reggae oriented, band never hesitated to spice it up with some jazz/rock/fusion elements not necessary common within the reggae genre, with lyrics dealing with such topics as social injustice, politics, global pollution, Rastafarian movement/religion and love in general. Band often cited Burning Spear, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Steel Pulse, Bad Brains, Misty in Roots, John Coltrane, The Clash, Aswad, The Ruts, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Funkadelic and Jimi Hendrix as main influences. So far, Soulcraft recorded two covers for their albums, Misty In Roots “Sodom & Gomorrah” is on the first self titled “Hornsman Coyote and Soulcraft” from 2014. and “Angry” by Keith Hudson is on the second aforementioned “Safe Planet” from 2016.

Where can we get Soulcraft stuff?

All Soulcraft albums are released on CD, vinyl and digitally. For purchasing it, including other merch, you can contact the label, or band directly via FB, or via email [email protected]. People can also check out Soulcraft YouTube channel and Instagram profile .

What do you think of current state of music business and industry and what advice would you give to the other bands and artist? Nowadays, when rules of the “game” changed a lot, when record industries are basing their business on digital sale, not so much on printing records and seriously promoting bands. When people are not so much interested in purchasing physical copies of an album, when kids are rather listening to singles instead of whole albums, it’s important for bands (both young and veterans) to adapt to the new ways. To learn how to be productive and efficient on and off the road, the importance of merchandise, strategic marketing…etc Adapt, evolve and keep rawking steady!

Do You have something to add? Many tanks for the interview and keep up with great work with your blog!

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