interview with LUCID DREAM

Have you played in any previous band or duo? Currently with the members of the new line up, apart from the drummer we have been playing with from two albums, we have not played together on other projects, but we were already friends

What's your name? / who plays what?

New line up is:

Simone Terigi - guitars

Roberto Tiranti - bass and vocals ( Labyrinth, Wonderworld, Ken Hensley, Mangala Vallis ) ( vocals on tracks 4, 6, 10, 11, 12 )

Karlo Faraci - vocals ( Arcahadian, Odyssea )

Luca Scherani - keyboards ( La coscienza di zeno, Hostsonaten )

Paolo Tixi - drums ( Il tempio delle clessidre, Fabio Zuffanti, La Maschera di Cera )

Andrea Cardinale - first violin ( Virtuoso Paganini performer all over the world )

Rachele Rebaudengo - cello ( Bequiet, Alterecho, Charlie, Dramanduo )

Sara Calabria – viola

What year did you start with music? The Lucid Dream project was born in 2010

Where are you from? We are from Sestri Levante, Italy, a town in the province of Genoa

What do you prefer to call your music style? I would say hard rock progressive, even if the nuances are many. I feel music in constant evolution ... I couldn't tell you that the next album will be like this!

Have you been able to play live this year? Unfortunately due to the lockdown and the slow restart, all the bands are playing little…

Best concert memory? The presentation of our second album, The Eleventh Illusion ... We played the first songs behind some giant cloths fixed on the ceiling ... Then we tore off “The Veil of Maya” and the concert was memorable!

Do you have new material on g? Actually we are already recording a new album! ... we are half done ...!

Do you only play covers, or even your own? we only play our songs, we have four albums and there is no shortage of material!

What inspires you? The greatest source of inspiration is the inner journey we make here on earth, nature, the universe and everything in existence ... We are One and we all tend as the major seventh towards infinity

What do you have to look forward to, in the near future? We hope to play the new album live! We are still preparing new things, we do not stop!

What internet pages do you have? We have a website, where you can find links to all our pages like facebook, instagram, youtube etc ...

What is your motto? Walking the road to Infinity!

Do you have a bucket list? / If so, what do they say on it? We would like to do more music, many albums and many concerts!

Do you have anything to add? A big hello to everyone, see you live!

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